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Better food. Period.

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Food fit for a Vegan king.

MORE Vegan alternatives with useful healing and buffs.
Vegan Hearthstone food and ingredients!

Slight changes to recipes so they make sense. Ex. Eggs are not used to make bread. 
Some fun renames Ex. Almond Milk instead of "Jug of Milk"
Ex. "Vegan Sweet Roll" can be made with Almond Milk, Soy Butter, Flour, Moon Sugar

Raw Fruits and Veggies now fortify health slighty.
Starches now fortify carry weight slightly.
Soups now fortify magicka slightly.

Those playing a mage will now find that wine is useful to them. Wine will restore magicka instantly as well as give a temporary boost to a school of magic. With rarer and more exclusive wines giving a more powerful effect. Such as Jessica's Wine, a one-of-a-kind wine that makes restoration spells heal more.

Changes from Oldrim
1. Vegan food now heals over 10 sec. (Cannot be spammed)
2. Vegan food now has two buffs (heal over time + fortify a certain stat above on FOOD GUIDE CHART)
3. Vegan food now weighs 0.1

-> Link to my spreadsheet with complete list of changes.