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Lightweight VR fast travel dragon riding mod. See video - no requirements, just plug and play and can be installed mid-playthrough.

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Summon using the Ride Dragon shout in your magic menu

Your dragon will land near your position
Approach and mount your dragon
Once your dragon takes off use your map to select your fast travel destination
When you arrive the dragon will circle over the location
Use your VR controller button (X or A) to command your dragon to land

I am one of those guys that had a jaw on the floor all those years ago when I took my first gryphon ride in World of Warcraft and I decided I would like that feature in my SkyrimVR.....BUT.....

The VR game engine can be super sensitive at times. Having a stable dragon ride in a modded SkyrimVR without a CTD or some stuttery mess is quite common in VR - even on a 7800x3D and RTX4090 !
All of the lessons and tweaks I have learnt along the way are baked into this mod, with a couple of examples being to reduce the dragons speed and flying height to give the game more time to update the landscape and to reduce LOD switching. 

Sadly though, this mod is not free roam VR dragon riding...staalo18 has proven it's doable with their VR compatible SE mods yet I just could not achieve consistent functionality, performance or game stability in's the game engine!

The mod includes an .ini file where I have listed many settings that directly relate to dragon riding.  You may want to increase (or decrease) the dragons height in the file and this depends mostly on the size of your trees.  I wouldn't recommend you increase the 3x settings out of sync or to too high a number as then you introduce a new set of problems. 

You may also find my VRAMr mod helps free up some much needed VRAM as there is a lot of LODs, textures and meshes to swap in and out during flight.

The mod uses a shout to call your dragon. Please be patient, don't spam it as it will take a few moments for your dragon to find you and land.  Then you can approach it to mount using your controller.  Once you are airborne you can select the world map and so a destination from your known map markers.

Alternatively you can use TMM 1 in the console to activate all map markers.  Another option is to change the setting in the .ini file to add markers to the map as you flyby.

There is a shout cooldown between flights which as per normal is built into the the compass.

It is completely feasible to fly from one end of the map to the other although your PC specification (especially GPU and VRAM) and your modlist will dictate your limitations.  For starters, just do a shorter flight to gauge how your VR setup is coping.

Also, I do not recommend you ride/wait/ride/wait/ride as even my high spec PC eventually crashes out.  I have found the easiest way to test and have fun when you first install this mod is to create a save and keep rolling back to it.

In normal gameplay where you are fighting, looting, adventuring and then you decide to take a dragon ride your experience should be good.  Once you land, try not to take another dragon ride for a while, let the game engine catch up.

  • Vanilla, VR Body and VRIK compatible
  • Works with your preferred dragon mesh, texture, skeleton and audio mods
  • Torches, shouts and spells work during flight

A special thank you and endorsement to staalo18 who's mods for dragon riding with follower options and storylines are immense fun.  staalo18 has a smart approach to the dragon summon and riding scripts and gave their blessing to use some of the code and tweak it for VR. Thank you!

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