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Adds 4 new weapons to the game: Orcrist + scabbard (sword), Umraz (axe), Fili\'s Hunting Knife + altered vanilla scabbard (dagger), Witchking\'s Dagger + scabbard *restored version* (dagger)

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Adds 4 new weapons to the game: Orcrist + scabbard (sword), Umraz (axe), Fili's Hunting Knife + altered vanilla scabbard (dagger), Witchking's Dagger + scabbard *restored version* (dagger)

Copy meshes + textures folder & Ghosu - Hobbit.esp to your Skyrim\data directory.

The folder-structure should look like:
... Skyrim\data\meshes\weapons\Ghosu - Hobbit\ ALL NIF FILES
... Skyrim\data\textures\weapons\Ghosu - Hobbit\ ALL DDS FILES
... Skyrim\data\Ghosu - Hobbit.esp

Make sure that the plugin is activated in launcher => DATA FILES (should be by default).
The weapons are placed in the forge-menu along with the steel items. (so even low skilled players can craft them)

OR open console (key ^) and enter HELP ORCRIST or UMRAZ or FILI or WITCHKING
You get a code, after that enter PLAYER.ADDITEM CODE 1
(1 = quantity) - the weapon will be placed in your inventory.

(Code should look like XX000D63, XX= the load number of the mod, for example PLAYER.ADDITEM 12000D63 1)

if you dont want use code i recomended this:
 additemenu >

The textures are not perfect yet, i'm still in a learning process...texturing is my big weakness but i try to get better with each release.
You know, it looks quite nice in the external 3D editor but when you load it into the game, Skyrim is like "FU!!1".
And i can't afford a new computer atm, it goes like 1fps @ high resolution so ingame testing/tuning is quite a pain in the *ss :D
I altered the axe's shape, the original version looked weird, Witchking's dagger is a restored/clean version, see it as a little extra.
(was not planned to be released, i made it for myself - if you want the "original" version just check out the awesome LOTR weapon pack on TheNexus)

Damage should scale with your skills/lvl - if you don't like 'em just edit and as mentioned below.
if you want to adjust the dmg open the Creation Kit, LOAD, check SKYRIM.ESM and Ghosu-Hobbit.ESP in
the left window, set Ghosu-Hobbit.ESP to ACTIVE FILE and press OK. In the object window check ITEMS
and WEAPONS, search for GHOSU, 4x4 forms will pop up.

1stpersjavascript-event-stripped don't touch them (contains path to the models)
NAME = weapon's stats like dmg, speed, price, description text and more
recipeweapjavascript-event-stripped items to craft the weapon
temperweapjavascript-event-stripped items to improove the weapon

Adjust the values, press OK and SAVE.
Check out the image galery for a CK screenshot.

The armor on the screenshots is Crimson Ranger Armor by Patobek (good job)

Thx to WETA for the great designs, ofc to Tolkien and all people that are part of the LOTR "franchise".
I don't own anything of this trademark and i wear no rings - this is just a tiny fan tribute.