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This is a follower or standalone follower mod - Healer Type

Permissions and credits
I created this face in another game. Then I thought to myself why don't I do it in Skyrim
too. I've re-created her as good as possible. Initially as a player character.
Then I decided to make her as a follower. To be more precise, she is a healer type follower.
It took me a long time to have the courage to do it and this is what happened.


The Character

Name: Uzuki
Race: Breton
Weight: 0
Class: Healer/Priest
Marriageable: Yes
Whereto find: Riverwood/Sleeping Giant Inn

The standalone core body and skin that this follower use:
CBBE 3BA and the Preset is a CustomPreset by me.
Bijin Skin


It's better you give her a armor... and a weapon. I recommended a bow because
to keep distance to a battle.
To change clothes, a follower tweaker mod is recommended.

I hope you like this follower and have fun with her.



'expired6978' for RaceMenu
'Bethesda Game Studio' for the Game and Creation Kit
'Kalilies and Stealthic' for KS Hairdos
'Hvergelmir' for Brows and 'Ithot' for uploading it
'Aberin' for creating Eye of Aber and 'theotherguy7' for uploading it
'DomainWolf' for Female Makeup Suite
'rxkx22'and 'Shiva182' for Bijin Skin and 'Shiva182' for uploading it
'Ousnius' for BodySlide and NifOptimizer
'Acro748' for CBBE 3BA
'uni_SL' for the custom AI packages and the tutorial how to set it up.
'Turulo' for NifMerge
'ElminsterAU and the xEdit team' for xEdit.
Youtuber 'Skyla' for the Follower Tutorial
and 'Reddit' for the explanation with theNifOptimizer