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Eldergleam is a modlist for Skyrim 1.5 that focuses on replacing Skyrim's vanilla visuals with 2K-4K photorealistic textures. Most textures are now parallaxed as well! The animations have also been completely replaced, making the game feel more fluid and up to date to today's standards. This also includes some game enhancements like sounds, etc

Permissions and credits

Eldergleam is a modlist built from the ground up, using AVO as its base modlist. Eldergleam focuses on upgrading the vanilla visuals with 2k-4k textures, making it a good base modlist for you to build upon. It also covers the animations. Most vanilla animations you can find in-game are now replaced with better animations.

A good friend of mine once said:
“What makes a game “next-gen” isn’t only the graphics, but the animations as well” -

  • Completely replacing Vanilla textures to 2k-4k Resolution. (Most are parallaxed)
  • More modern/better animations, this includes movement, 3rd Person Animations, and 1st-Person Animations
  • No added complete landscape overhaul mods, no City overhaul mods, no quests, etc. This should enable you to customize the list a lot easier than usual. Since you already have one of the best visuals installed.
  • Better sound quality/music overhaul
  • Easily switch between ENB or Community Shaders under 1 profile. (Includes 6 ENB presets & 3 CS Reshade Presets)
  • Has its own "Game Stock" folder. (Meaning, even if you have other lists installed, this modlist will still work)
  • Most of the important Modding Tools are also installed.
  • Controller support
  • Eldergleam v2 now has 3 different profiles: Normal Profile (Grass Cache & Max LODs), Performance (No Grass Cache w/ Max LODs), Ultra Performance (No Grass Cache & Medium LODs)
  • 97/255 .esp used... you can still add a lot of mods!
  • 1350 Mods! :D

If you want to play Skyrim but with better graphics and new animations, then you can play Eldergleam as is.

  • You need a LEGAL copy of Skyrim on STEAM
  • You need to update to the LATEST Skyrim version available on Steam (v1.6.1170) as of 1/18/2024
  • A Nexus PREMIUM account (Highly Recommended)
  • 316 GB of total storage available. (143 GB for the mod downloads and 173 GB for the installed modlist itself)
          - You can delete the downloads folder after! However, updating the list in the future will require you to redownload all the mods again.
  • And of course.... your mental readiness to enter the modding curse of Skyrim! (100+ hours of modding and only 2 hours of playing)


1. Only Windows 10 and 11 will work with Wabbajack.
2. Highly RECOMMEND using a SSD to play ANY Skyrim Modlist, this includes Eldergleam

 3060 TI should be able to play Performance edition with 60 FPS

  • Eldergleam: ULTIMATE (Soon) - Quest mods, Major Overhauls, Combat System, Followers, etc
  • Eldergleam: NSFW (Maybe next) - For those who likes.......
  • Eldergleam - NG (Current) - Graphics/animations only (90%)




Q: Where do I ask questions regarding the modlist? 
A: Either here or on my Discord server (much better)

Q: Can I change ENB? and what ENBs do you recommend?
A: Yes, I have added in 6 different ENBs for you to choose from. Adding your preferred ENB is also kind of simple to do. Written tutorial is available in my Discord server

(I'll be adding more FAQ)


Scan for more links!

  • To Halgari and the Wabbajack Team! (Amazing program)
  • To AvatarV for the overall support, feedback, suggestions, screenshots and even testing the list for bugs! I could not have finished this list without you bro!
  • To ALL MOD AUTHORS for keeping Skyrim alive!
  • To Althro for answering endless questions from me and for making AVO v8
  • To all my channel members/Patreon!
  • To all my channel subscribers/supporters! :)
    Other lists I recommend Nolvus, ANVIL and Wunduniik