Skyrim Special Edition
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New textures for 12 major grass species in 4 regions (Pineforest, Fallforest, Tundra, Volcanic).

Permissions and credits
English is not my native language.

This retesture is suitable for both SLE and SSE

A few years ago I made for myself the texture of grass in the Skyrim Legendary Edition. It was from despair.
Because all the grass that I found was either not too lorn, or had a mapping problem. I can not accept the amorphous
projection, the liquid grass that does not look like a physical object (With ENB) ...
And so, I put them on the "Special Edition" and was amazed at how well it looks there.

Do not expect much from this herb.
Most textures have a Vanilla resolution of 512x512.
This is NOT insanely beautiful grass texture in HD. And only the creation of a composition of the general background and atmosphere.
Maud does not change the arrangement of the grass, does not add more grass.
For that, they can not affect the performance.

Compatible with any fashion for: increasing the amount of grass, increasing the size of grass.
It is not compatible with any grass mods that do not replace grass textures, but add their own grass (removing vanilla from the game).

As for the ghostly display of grass:
I made a greater contrast care in dark colors. This allows the grass to be brighter in sunny weather and darker to overcast.
Added to each texture a diffuse map of normals. Only this allows it to be displayed correctly.
The whole grass responds correctly to the lighting, and correctly casts a shadow.
This is true for Skyrim LE with ENB, and for Special Edition even without ENB.
Weight NormalMap small - almost all 170kb. Therefore, they will not add a noticeable load.

I spread 2 versions (light and dark).
I do not know yet who will be more suitable.
The ENB has too much influence on the display. Even the palette radically changes its appearance.
For SE, I had to make the trunk lighter, the shading was too strong.
On LE, I use a very bright ENB, so only dark grass is normally displayed in it without Ambient Occlusion.
If you are the same luminous maniac, like me, only dark grass will suit you)))

In comments you can write - that you liked or did not like. What is missing is this grass. This is the initial version.
And I want to improve it in the future.

I myself created these textures, except one.
The texture of the fern in Pineforest. It plays a very important role in the composition of this region.
But .. I have it, at least, from 2013g. I just do not remember where I got it.
If you know from what mod this texture is - let me know.
I want to know if I can use it. Or do I need permission to use it.
That everything was done correctly.

So far without NMM.
Just put the contents of the archive in the folder with the game. Confirm the replacement of files, if required.