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Don't let "you can't do this while in combat" annoy you anymore .

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Conversion for SSE of White Shadow's original Mod for Oldrim  . 

Original description:

"This little mod was made upon personal request. It's a spell, which allows you to forcibly leave the combat state. It is primarily intended to get rid of the "You cannot use this while in combat"-issue, when already half across the map away from enemies.

This can be heavily exploited, since it can stop any aggression against the player. Permanently hostile targets will reengage you, if you are still in aggro range, however normally neutral NPCs (including guards) will completely forget about you. Bounties will stay, however guards will usually have to first confront you again before entering combat (may vary).

Using this while engaged in battle or while close to the attacking NPC can potentially have unforeseen effects or consequences.Use at your own risk!"

Please note that a spell (Actually a Power) called "Leave Combat" will be automagically added to your spells.

White Shadow as the creator of the file,
(a huge thank you to him for allowing me to convert it and make it availlable here ;
all i've done is converting it to SSE so He couldnt be blamed or whatever if this ruins your life or game!)
The Nexus and ofc Bethesda..

Thanx again to Nexus Creator, Team, and Users !