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Fake material-appropriate grain for many vanilla textures.

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Fake 'n Bake Vanilla Detail Textures

This mod adds fake, baked-in material-appropriate detail textures to the vanilla game textures without impacting performance. The goal is to enhance the special edition's textures up-close, but leave them looking as similar as possible from further away. This maintains the original art direction and palette, and prevents the game from looking like the objects have all suddenly been transformed into different, often context-inappropriate materials. One limitation of this mod is that due to the fact that it uses the under-sized base materials, it can't have the fine grain of total-replacement texture mods. I think my mod does a reasonably good job of bridging the gap, however. As this mod is in an early state, it is only available as loose files, which may negatively impact load times. A .bsa version will be uploaded in the future.

This mod also includes a 1k version, which should help with VRAM issues without degrading SSE's default visual quality.

Currently Covered Textures
Full/Nearly Complete
  • College of Winterhold
  • Markarth
  • Whiterun
Partially Complete
  • Riften
  • Farmhouses
  • Solitude
Barely Started
  • Clutter

0.6: Features release of some 1k textures, upgrades Solitude to partially complete, and adds the first few clutter changes. Sorta fixed BBCode so it doesn't look like a complete mess in NMM.
0.52: Initial Release

Future Plans

The next major release will focus on furniture and Solitude textures.

Use the manager or extract & merge into the Skyrim Special Edition Data folder.

This mod cannot be ported to PS4. I think it can be ported to Xbox, but I won't do that until I do .bsa's for PC. Please wait until 1.0.