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Adds a craftable heavy chestpiece, three different helmets, a shield and two weapons inspired from the Lord of the Rings series.

The chestpiece can only be worn by males.

Permissions and credits
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Adds a set of craftable heavy armor , a shield and two weapons inspired from the Lord of the Rings series. You can craft and upgrade them at any forge under the ORCISH CATEGORY provided you have a few common ingredients ( Leather , Leather Strips and Iron Ingots ).

The mod consists of a :

-chest piece which comes in two versions
( one with spaulders, more protective and one without, less protective and lighter )

-three different kinds of helmets
( Commander's Helmet, Berseker's Helmet and Grunt's Helmet )

There is no footwear or gauntlets for the set but i recommend the vanilla vampire boots and orcish gauntlets.
The armor has has the same armor rating as the vanilla orcish set.
Only the helmets work and can be worn by females as well.

-Two new weapons , the Uruk-hai Bladesword and the Uruk-hai Berserker Sword.
They have the base damage of the orcish weapons.

-The Uruk-hai Bladed Shield with the White Hand painted on it. It has the same rating as the vanilla orcish shield.

Installation Instructions

With a mod manager :

Click the "Download with manager" button in the files tab and activate it in the mod manager of your choice. Ensure that UrukHai Armor and Weapons.esp is checked in your load order.

Manual Installation :

Click "Download Manually" and unzip the archive with Winrar or 7zip e.t.c in your Data folder located at : x:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition or wherever you installed the game where x is your drive ( most likely C: )

How to uninstall

With a mod manager : 

Deactivate the mod in your preferred mod manager

Manually :

Delete UrukHai Armor and Weapons.esp UrukHai Armor and Weapons.bsa and UrukHai Armor and Weapons - Textures.bsa

Load order and compatability

Place it anywhere in your load order. I would recommend in the mid to higher part of your load order. Should be compatitable with virtually everything.

You can safely install/uninstall mid playthrough.

Known issues

The cuirass in the inventory menu uses the vanilla iron armor ground model. 

Credits and Permissions

mandarinn for the original mod and permission to upload his entire pack of Uruk-hai mods.
For more check the credits tab.

~ Feel free to add any pictures of your characters in this armor ! ~