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This is a Vlindrel Hall remake mod. Attempt to make this more elegant and functional completeness, but not go too far from the Vanilla house. And it is made for DLC Hearthfire users. SSE Port.

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No one else was porting the mod over and since recently I've been getting into modding a tiny bit I decided to do it, to port if over I simply deleted two baskets from the entrance hall (hope no one misses those baskets) and packed it for SSE. Hope there isn't any bugs but if there is then feel free to report a bug and I'll try to help. (There weren't any bugs for me when I tried it in game).

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Description from GoatK:


This is a vanilla-game-house Vlindrel Hall(VH) remake mod. Attempt to make this house more elegant and functional completeness, but not go too far from the vanilla house. And it is made for DLC Hearthfire users. 

Require DLC Hearthfire! 


You can go to steward purchasing rooms as if everything was vanilla.

Purchase List: 

Living room-----Kitchen, Dining table, Small librry, bar 
Bedroom---------Main bedroom, Bath Room 
EnchantLab------Enchant table, Armory area, Blacksmith workshop 
Hallway---------Hallway, Trophy stands, Planters
Childroom-------Childroom, Alchemy workbench
Become thane----Housecarl room(automatically) 

Installation Guide:

First, make a back up SAVE until you are sure this mod works fine for your game. 
If this mod fails eventually, delete .esp and any save file which is made after the back up one. 

Install with NMM
Put the VHTNF.esp to Data folder.

---For your Latest Save have NOT bought VH yet--- 
Activate VHTNF.esp and play. 

---For your Latest Save have bought VH, purchased rooms already--- 
Take steps 

1. Evacuate!! Pick up all items you want to keep in game and ask every NPC get out of the house, then leave the house. 

2. Go to any other interior cell, such as Arnleif and Sons Trading Company. 

3. Make a NEW Save, then Quit to desk top. 

4. Activate this mod VHTNF.esp. 

5. Load up the NEW Save, enter the house, check if everything works fine. 

Check OK? Play! 

Anything wrong? do the following 
a. Reload the NEW Save(by step 3). Open console, type [pcb],press Enter. then type [resetinterior markarthvlindrelhall],press enter, Leave console. 
b. Save game. Play! 


Do steps 12345ab but delete VHTNF.esp at step 4. 


Handy console commands : 

These commands can help you tidy your room, but basically they are not a fix for this mod. 
1.[recycleactor] : Put item, such as cups, back to original position. 
Open console, left click on your target, type [recycleactor], enter. 

2.[disable] or [markfordelete] : Eliminate things you don't want. 
Open console, left click on your target, type [disable] or [markfordelete], enter. 

Known issues:

NPCs lost their way at home. 
NPCs may stuck from time to time. Seems after couple days in game the situation would be better, but I'm not sure how much they will recover. Making sure your latest save is clean before install this mod, or deleting dirty saves would really help, in my game, I did this and it's working. 

Typical bugs of VH, please check this wiki first :


This mod is incompatible with any mod(includes lighting and sound mods) which ALTERS VH directly. 

Q: How to edit other mods staying clear from VH interior, so I can use them with this mod side by side? 
A: You can use TES5Edit too achieve this easily. Load the esp file you want to edit in TES5Edit, find MarkarthVlindrelHall in Cell/Block0/Sub-Block9 , right click on MarkarthVlindrelHall and hit "Remove", done. This will make that mod do nothing to VH, but retain the modification of that mod in other locations. 


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