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About this mod

Blessings are now appropriate to Divine Lore. ADDITIONALLY, wearing both amulet + blessings + completing quests can grant increasingly more powerful blessings!

ALSO included with this mod are the 'Paladin of the Divines' RP Blessings!

Permissions and credits
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*Hi guys, PLEASE endorse!  I don't ask for donations, and an endorsement is a small thing to ask considering the HUGE amount effort/time I put into making mods for you.

**This mod uses hidden perks with multiple effects.  It would be too much to have all this text visible in your 'active effects' description.  This means you often won't see an effects description, but it works (kind of like how the perk Elemental Protection adds 50% Elemental protection while blocking with a shield, but you can't see it in the Active Effects list).

***NO Modder currently has permission to include my work in their Mod List/Collections!

What does this Mod do?  Short version

This Mod corrects some Divine Amulets/Blessings to fit better Lore-wise....it even incorporates Auriel and Solstheim's Daedric blessings!

It ALSO adds synergy to equipping both Divine Amulets AND Blessings of the same Divine = more powerful blessings/effects are gained by doing so.

Additionally, equipping both Amulet AND Blessings + completing related quests = Empowered blessings are gained.

The game's Timescale is set to 3 (from a Default of 20).

Meridia's Dawnbreaker sword now also has WeaponMaterialSilver + Perk added = it has the same bonus as a silver sword vs undead/werewolves

Holy Weapons (that have Turn Undead enchantment) now do additional Light Based damage to undead as well as cause fear vs undead

Also, new 'Paladin of the DIvines' RolePlay blessings are incorporated into this mod.....gaining Divine Favor through quests/accomplishments + that Divines blessing + wearing that Divine's Amulet can infuse the PC with holy energy...giving them considerable power.  Each Divine grants a Lore based gift to their Paladin!

However, keep in mind that  a Paladin who doesn't behave nobly/righteously will quickly lose their Patron Divine's special Favor...

*A list of all the Paladin's 'Do's and Don'ts' are at the bottom of this Mod's description.

**I decided to NOT use Perks for the Paladin class....a Paladin is more about actions/deeds/worship/choices, and really has nothing to do with picking perks!

What this mod actually does in detail:

Mod Changes:

*all blessings are reduced to 4 hours (EXCEPT Auriel's...so hard to get to it!)
*blessings or amulets (on their own) that don't have any additional information below simply use the default blessing/enchantment

Akatosh: *This works for ALL effects (potions/spells/shouts and so on)

-Amulet                                                = +5% spell/effect duration
-Blessing                                              = +5% spell/effect duration
-Amulet + Blessing                              = +10% spell/effect duration
-Defeat Alduin + Amulet + Blessing   = +10% spell/effect duration

Arkay: *blessing and amulet have default bonuses

-Amulet + Blessing                                                                               = 20% Protection from Undead
-Amulet + Blessing + kill 200 undead                                                 = +10% Protection from Undead
-Amulet + Blessing + Andur's Quest                                                   = +3% Protection from Undead
-Amulet + Blessing + Alessandra's Quest                                          = +2% Protection from Undead
-Amulet + Blessing + kill Eola + kill Coven + Save Brother Verulus = +10% Protection from Undead

Dibella: *blessing and amulet have default bonuses

-Amulet + Blessing                                   = +10 Persuade Checks
-Amulet + Blessing + Agent of Dibella    = +50% Disease and Poison Protection (protecting against the ravages of unsafe sex lol)

Julianos:  *blessing and amulet have default bonuses

-Blessing + Amulet                                         = +5% learning rate for magic skills
-Blessing + Amulet                                         = -10% Spell cost
-Blessing + Amulet + Become Arch Mage   = -10% Spell cost

Kynareth: *blessing and amulet have default bonuses

-Blessing + Amulet (OR Kyne's Token)                                                             = +25% Stamina Regen Bonus
-Blessing + Amulet (OR Kyne's Token) + Returned Sapling to Danica          = Lightning protection 30% + 10% Lightning Damage
*lightning protection is Perk based = won't show on your stats, but it is there!

Mara: *blessing and amulet/ring have default bonuses

-Blessing + Amulet OR Marriage Ring                                = +20% Restoration Casting Cost Reduction
-Blessing + Agent of Mara + Amulet OR Marriage Ring   = +30% Restoration Casting Cost Reduction

Stendarr: *blessing and amulet have default bonuses

-Amulet + Stendarr's Aura spell= Spell duration is increased to 5 minutes
-Amulet + Stendarr's Aura spell= All diseases are cured (like how the Vigilants do it)
-Blessing + Amulet                                                                                                     = 10% less Damage received
-Blessing + Amulet + PC not a vampire/Werewolf (BeastBlood)                          = 25% Less Damage received  vs vampires/werewolves/daedra
-Blessing + Amulet + PC not a vampire/Werewolf + 50 (or more) Daedra killed = 75% Damage Resist VS Vampire Life Drain

Talos: *blessing and amulet have default bonuses

-Blessing                                                                                                             = +5% learning for combat skills
-Blessing + Amulet                                                                                             = +10% shout cooldown
-Blessing + Amulet + Return Roggnar's Talos Amulet to grieving sister      = +5 Damage Resistance/+5% Weapon Damage
-Blessing + Amulet + Liberate Skyrim for the Stormcloaks (this is a long one, all the bonuses are listed below)
   +100% Critical Hit Damage Bonus
   +5% Critical Hit Chance
   +10 Weapon Damage
   +5% Bashing Damage
   +5% LESS Stagger when hit
   +5% blocked damage
   +5% Power attack dam
   -5% Power attack stamina cost
   +5% Deflect arrow chance
   +20 Damage Resistance (Armor)
   +5% Shout Reduction

Zenithar: *blessing and amulet have default bonuses

-Blessing                                                     = +5% learning for smithing/alchemy/enchanting skills
-Blessing + Amulet                                     = +10% crafting bonus for alchemy/smithing/enchanting
-Blessing + Amulet + 400 potions            = +15% crafting bonus for alchemy
-Blessing + Amulet + 150 weapons          = +10% crafting bonus forsmithing
-Blessing + Amulet + 150 armor               = +10% crafting bonus for smithing
-Blessing + Amulet + 200 enchantments = +15% crafting bonus for enchanting

Auriel: *blessing has default bonus

-Blessing + Bow                                    = +20% Archery Damage
-Blessing + Bow + defeat Harkon        = +20% Archery Damage

Azura:  *blessing has default bonus

-Blessing + Black Star Quest Completed AND you sided with Azura = +10 Magic Resist

Boethiah:  *blessing has default bonus

-Blessing + you are Boethiah's Champion = +40% Poison Resist

Mephala:  *blessing has default bonus

-Blessing + Ebony Blade quest completed = +30% Persuade bonus

Paladins of the Divines Info:

Well, becoming a Paladin takes a bit of work....and each Divine has specific requirements + general requirements that are shared by all Divines.

Below is a layout of Paladin Powers, followed by Divine Requirements to become a Paladin

Divine Paladin Auras ALL require that you are BOTH Blessed AND Wearing your God's Talisman (you can also use Kyne's Token for Kynareth and the Band of Matrimony for Mara)!  By representing them fully, the Divines are able to focus their energies onto you!

-Stendarr = +25% block, +40% Dam vs were/vamp/daedra

*Stendarr protects you and infuses your attacks against Daedra spawned creatures with Righteous Fury!

**Paladins of Stendarr using the Spell 'Stendarr's Aura' inspire followers/friends/allies with the following bonuses:  Call to Arms Aura that increases Health 100, Stamina 100, One Handed 25, Two Handed 25 and Marksman 25

***Paladins of Stendarr that use Holy Weapons (turn undead enchantment) gain a +10% damage bonus

-Talos = +20% Skill Usage XP in martial/lightArmor, +30% Damage vs Mer (ALL Elves/Orcs/Falmer)

*Talos, a fusion of 2 Lorkhan Aspects + 1 actual Lorkhan Avatar...effectively the reincarnation of Shor (there is a reason you don't find Shor in Sovengarde!).  Talos is the god of Man and War....and has a special dislike of Elves!

-Arkay = +15% Damage Resist vs Undead , +20% Dam vs Undead

*Arkay holds a special disdain for the undead, and will grant his energies to both protect from and smite undead

**Paladins of Arkay that use Holy Weapons gain a +10% damage bonus vs Undead

-Akatosh = +20% Damage Resist vs Dragons, +20% Dam vs Dragons

*Akatosh grants his protection and might vs his wayward children

-Dibella = Avoid Death (healing unsightly wounds), +20% Dam vs Trolls/Falmer

*Dibella grants her power to smite those both hideous and evil, as well as heals disfiguring injuries

-Mara = Avoid Death, -10% Incoming Spell Magnitude

*Mara grants her Life Energies to both heal severe injuries and protect from spells

-Zenithar = +20% Skill Usage in crafting + speechcraft, +50% Fortify Barter

*Zenithar, impressed by your dedication to learning and honing skills, further aids your efforts to both learn and afford training

-Kynareth = +50% StormCall Damage, x2 StormCall Duration

*Kynareth, seeing your dedication to developing your Thu'um,  allows you to call on her power to enhance your StormCall Thu'um

-Julianos = +10% Magic Effects/Magnitude

*Julianos, rewards your dedication to learning magic by bolstering ALL of your magical effects (INCLUDING ENCHANTMENTS)!

General Paladin RP Requirements (basically, any NON 'Good/Lawful' choices = loss of Paladin status!):

-Must have only stolen 4 or less items (I get that some Non-ThievesGuild quests still absolutely require it, so I allowed you to steal up to 4 items)
-ZERO Murders  (accidents happen in combat....the Divines should recognize your intent and sorrow....in these cases, use the console with the following command  'ModPCMiscStat murders -1'
-ZERO items pickpocketed
-Do NOT kill captives for Astrid (DB02)
-Do NOT help Brynjolf set up Madesi (TG00)
-Do NOT murder your friends for Boethia (DA02).....seriously, do I really even need to say some of this stuff???
-Leave Clavicus Vile nearly powerless and trapped by NEITHER reuniting NOR killing Barbas (DA03)
-Help Sinding slay all the Hircine Worshippers (D05) *It's not Sinding's fault the girl was killed, he was trying to find a way to control his transformations. it was Hircine who made that happen as punishment!
-You must NOT kill Silus for Mehrunes (DA07)
-You must not remove the Ebony Blade from its prison in Dragon's Reach (DA08)
-Logrolf is apparently a 'good'(ish) guy, so you can free him, but DO NOT  torture the old man for Molag Bal! (DA10)
-You must NOT have killed Brother Verulus (OR eaten him) for Namira (DA11)........damn, I never really noticed just how messed up these Daedric Princes are until I started typing all this stuff out!!
-You must let Erandur destroy the Skull of Corruption (DA16)
-do NOT create an Infinte Black Soul Gem (Black Star) with Nelacar (DA01)
-do not equip Daedric artifacts, weapons (Daedric material) or armor (Daedric material)...although simply removing them will allow the Divines to once again infuse you with their Holy Energies
-do NOT be a Vampire or Werewolf (even in human form).....BUT you can remove this Werewolf/Vampire penalty by curing yourself!

*Talos doesn't care if you murder/steal/pickpocket....since the 'Tiber Septim + Wulfharth' components of Talos were murderers and thieves, it would be hypocritical of them to discriminate based on that now!  The other conditions still apply!  You can even join the Thieves Guild...but will lose your Paladin Status IF you pledge Nocturnal your soul (become a Nightingale)!

SPECIFIC Paladin RP Requrements for each Divine (over and above the General Requirements):

-Stendarr requires your Conjuration skill remain below 25, plus you must show your resolve by killing 20+ Daedra/Dremora/Atronach
-Talos requires you prove yourself by unlocking at least 10 Words of Power + Liberate Whiterun to prove your devotion to restoring Talos Worship!
-Arkay requires your Conjuration skill remain below 25, that you helped Ander's find his amulet, that you help Alessandra complete her pilgrimage, and that you've killed 50 undead
-Akatosh requires you prove yourself by claiming the souls (Akatosh Shards) of at least 10 Dragons
-Dibella requires you prove yourself by Persuading at least 25 people, plus recovering her kidnapped Sybil
-Mara requires you complete her Book of Love quest
-Zenithar requires you prove your work ethic by achieving 500+ skill increases
-Kynareth requires you prove your dedication by shouting 500+ times, and bringing a SAPPLING back to Danica
-Julianos requires you prove your dedication by reaching at least 75 skill in ALL Magic Schools, plus joining the College of WinterHold


*Ideas I'll implement if people show interest by leaving feedbacks and/or comments:

-a 'BLACKGUARD/ANTI-PALADIN' Roleplay option for Mephala and Boethiah Champions (need to complete their quests, have their artifacts and blessings)
-Divines give NO Blessings at all to evil player characters!
-Daedra Princes give NO Blessings at all to good player characters!