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Majestic landscapes addon with many tweaked texture assests for complex parallax material. Requiring Majestic Landscapes.

Permissions and credits
Majestic Landscapes addon

I claim nothing of ownership from these textures as they are mainly free assets. And I just did simple tweaks, mostly from Vanaheimr, on the main textures. Mainly to allow for a more natural and fitting color blend which compliments majestic landscapes its color scheme. All credits go to these texture artists!

Best grass combination I think fits the bill is Veydosebrom

Mountain textures for Majestic Mountains Complex Material are availble! But should work fine with the normal majestic mountains too.

All shots taken on Rudy NAT3 for a good color representation


  • Texture addon for volcanic tundra, forest dirt and grass, roads, fallforest, reach, snow, rocks and mountains. Textures are 2K (except mountains. They are 4K).
  • Most textures are used from Vanaheimr complex material standalone, adusted and tweaked. Majestic snow its saturation is reduced and majestic fieldgrass looks less minty
  • A blended roads addon with adjusted textures from midieval blended roads which has an ESP to add flat roads from Simply dirt roads for the snow regions only
  • A full terrain lod setup to use for either this addon or Snoblind with complex material
  • A patch provided by Shish and JPDreamer for Majestic Mountains Complex material and Simplicity of Snow. Works as a universal patch for any mountain or snow texture. ESL flagged.
  • It includes a file which is uses from Cathedral Landscapes for an optimal terrain lod blend.
  • Includes a MMCM file to run for Dyndolod 3. Roughly the same file structure as the normal MMCM dyndo 3 pack. But with a few adjusted textures.


  • First install Majestic Landscapes the full version
  • If you want to use Majestic Mountains Complex Material then you need to install the mountain textures too for an optimal blend. Load after Majestic Mountains. 
  • For Natural Waterfalls, please select the ERM Rapid rocks for corrected colors on the meshes and load NWF after Majestic Mountains. Don't use the Majestic Mountains patch, unless you want dark rapid rock meshes. Alternatively you can use Rapid Rocks from Pfuscher with the NWF patch.
  • Pick any optional file you prefer for whatever road setup you want. Simply Dirt Roads does not need any of these files.
  • The MMCM + SoSnow patch, load order is important:
  • majesticmountains.esp 
  • Simplicity of Snow.esp
  • MajesticMountainsCM - SoS Patch.esp
  • Install my files AFTER majestic landscapes and my mountains AFTER majestic mountains. 
  • Optional: Install terrain parallax blending fix files. In TPBF pick compatibility version and landscapes only in the fomod.
  • Optional: Install Snoblind with its complex parallax material addon. If using TPBF install that too and overwrite Majestic Landscapes AND my TPBF files
  • Optional: If using the blended roads addon, you do not need blended roads. Just install and load after ML addon and SMIM
  • Optional: Install the terrain lod files ONLY if you use majestic landscapes it's snow OR snoblind. And NO other landscapes textures than Majestic landscapes and this addon. Else you'd need to run your own Lodgen. Two sepperate files present. 

Please ensure that the following is enabled in ENB:


If NOT using ENB then ensure you have Complex Parallax Materials installed

Additional info

  • Northern Roads - Don't bother with any of the roads addons and simply use Northern Roads instead.
  • Simply Dirt Roads - Don't bother with using any of the road addons, this will cover everything. Just load BEFORE ML - Addon
  • Seasons of Skyrim - Seasonal support for Majestic Landscapes is something I MIGHT look into in the future. ML uses unique dirtclifs. 
  • xLodgen - If you want to run your own terrain lod, please refer to this forum for more information and how to do so.

Clemus - for freeing up his assets and making these awesome textures.
T4 - for the amazing work on majestic landscapes and for allowing me to tweak the field grass
DrJacopo - for the file from cathedral landscapes
Cuttermind - for extensively testing the textures before they were released and noting a few things about seasonal support
Gonzeh - for extensively testing and noting I forgot to add mipmaps