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Oriel is an expert at fire magic, having mastered destruction and conjuration. She knows two unique conjuration spells (burnt spiggan and fire wyrm), and if you ask her to join you on your adventures she will teach them to you.

Permissions and credits
  • French
The Fire Mage
A standalone follower

Name: Oriel
Race: Imperial

Voice: Female Sultry
Essential and Marriageable: Yes
Location: You'll find her just inside Broken Fang Cave
Combat style and abilities: Conjuration, destruction, one handed, she can conjure her own burnt spriggans and fire wyrms, she can also teach you both spells (the spell books are in her inventory)
Equipment: Ebony dagger (with fire enchantment), her armor is from Brigida Dress UNP (see full credits below)

The only daughter of a wealthy merchant, Oriel was born with a talent for fire magic and a nose for trouble.  Tired and bored of her privileged life she sets off on her own.  She may have however finally bitten off more than she can chew, by wandering into Broken Fang Cave.... 

Help her out and she'll gladly join you on your adventures, she will also teach you two unique spells, conjure fire wyrm and conjure burnt spriggan (spell books are in her inventory)


  1. Download and install this mod via NMM and activate

Recommend mods
required but highly recommended
  • Relationship Dialogue  Overhaul

Many thanks to 45tg67se for testing.  Check out their amazing screen shots

I would love to see pictures of Oriel in your game, you can use the 'add' button above to upload your screenshots.
Credits & Thanks
  • Bethesda for Skyrim
  • Kalilies Stealthic and Shockero for the amazing KS Hairdos, and for giving permission for their work to be used for follower mods
  • dimon99, vectorcide, Phygit for the sexyUNP body (meshes, textures, feet meshes respectively), and for giving permission for their work to be used in other mods
  • HeroedeLeyenda for Leyenda Skin and for giving permission for their work to be used in other mods
  • nevenbridge for Natural eyes and for giving permission for their assets to be used in other mods
  • SumoJellyBean for The Witcher 2 Brigida Paperbrock Dress -- UNP, and for giving permission for the assets from their amazing work to be used for other mods
  • Elianora for Brigida armour recolours, and for giving permission for assets from her mod to be used for other mods

Main mods used in screen shots
  • Dolomite Weathers (pictures of Oriel's alternative face)
  • Re-Engaged ENB (pictures of Oriel's alternative face)
  • Noble Skyrim
  • Verdant grass
  • SFO
  • Realistic Water Two

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs.

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