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Using vanilla and Hunterborn SE harvested ingredients, this mod allows your hunter vampire to craft animal blood potions and raw meat meals at the cookpot. No more hiking into town for a bite.

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Animal Blood Potions for Vampires
Hunterborn add-on for Vampires

Where you a wilderness expert and hunter before that unfortunate incident with a vampire and see no reason to upend your lifestyle and livelihood just because your undead now?

  Are you a Vampire who doesn't buy into the mythos of human blood being magically different from any other type of blood and long for some variety in your diet?

Maybe your a Vampire who simply doesn't want to prey on humans for whatever reason and needs another lifestyle choice?

Or perhaps your an adventuring Vampire who doesn't want to get that close to any bandits neck without requiring they bathe first and would like an alternative to subsisting off them?

This mod allows you to craft animal blood potions and raw meat meals at the cookpot for your vampire using the Hunterborn added animal hearts along with the meat.

Combine blood potions to make stronger versions with more healing and greater effects; or mix them with various alchemical reagents for additional, or stronger, properties.  Blood potion recipes are hidden unless you possess the hearts, or two blood potions of the same type, and are found in the misc category.  Raw meat meals are hidden unless you have the raw meat in your inventory.

For a survivalist play-though (alternate starts for example) animal meats will fulfill your blood lust need and, if you are using Better Vampires with blood points turned on, give you 50 blood points.  They will even provide a small heal over time or stamina replenish over time effect.

Version 1.5 Warning:  In the latest version I have removed venison tartare and mammoth tartare.  If you have them in your inventory please use them before upgrading or they will disappear.

In Progress: Adding more raw meat recipes and new blood potion recipes.


File requires the use of Hunterborn SE, Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs!


Use Nexus Mod Manager to upload and activate, then LOOT to sort the load order.  Manually, extract the .esp file to your Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder.


Simply delete the file, it contains no scripts.


Compatible with any mod that does not also alter the records for Hunterborn meats or vanilla meats, otherwise you will lose the blood satiation effect.


Better Vampires - Option to progress as a vampire with the passage of time instead of requiring you to ingest human blood.
Campfire - Allows you to build a fire and setup a cooking pot in the wilderness.

iNeed - Allows you to customize your needs as a vampire.  I play with mortal needs personally, which allows blood potions and raw meals to fulfill hunger and fatigue.  It also allows you to setup your raw meals (either as soups if your think of them as swimming in blood to fulfill both hunger, fatigue and thirst; or heavy meals if you see them as much thicker in consistency.  In either case, I would choose perishable as they are raw and need to be eaten quickly once made.)

The Island - New Land mod that allows you to alternate start stranded on an island, or end up stranded there by way of an ill fated voyage out of Dawnstar.  Feverish and confused from the vampire attack that lead to the shipwreck, you have been infected with Sanguinare Vampiris.  With no way of curing your disease you must at once manage to survive and deal with your transformation to the undead.  Your newfound thirst for blood on this deserted island will will be an extra challenge, one that you must overcome to find a way back to Skyrim.