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Grants the player instant access to the face sculptor's racemenu.

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What is "A Change of Face"?

   A Change of Face
provides easy access to the face sculptor's (Galathil's) racemenu through your inventory.  The face sculptor's racemenu (or limited racemenu) does not allow the player to change his/her race or sex but is generally preferable over the racemenu accessible through the developer console for the following reasons:

  1. The limited racemenu does not reset any tintmasks.  All of your character's color options will remain as they were when opening this menu.
  2. The limited racemenu does not prompt you to rename your character and does not separate your character's saves.
  3. The limited racemenu can not affect anything other than your character's appearance.  Skills and magic effects will remain untouched.
  4. This mod allows the limited racemenu to be accessible through your inventory and does not require use of the developer console.

Why did you make this?

   For the reasons listed above.  Namely, I was tired of having to move my character to the Ragged Flagon every time I wanted to change my character's face without resetting all tintmasks.  The menu added by this mod can be used anywhere- in any lighting- without resetting customization options.

How do I use this mod?

   Any character that does not already possess the book "A Change of Face" will receive it in their inventory.  Activating the book from the inventory screen will open the customization menu.

How does this differ from "ShowRaceMenu Alternative" by Seb263?

This mod does a few things differently:
  1. Does not reset tintmasks
  2. Grants instant access to the racemenu through the inventory and does not leave anything activated/equipped
  3. Allows editing in the player's current location (ShowRaceMenu Alternative moves the player to and from a lit room)

The significance of the differences comes down to user preference.  I would recommend checking out Seb263's ShowRaceMenu Alternative and deciding for yourself.

You can find it here:

These mods should be safe to use in conjunction if you'd like to do so.

A note on using this mod with vampire characters:

   This mod appears to be safe to use on vampire characters, but can cause a visual bug if you change your character's eyes.  Re-activating the menu appears to safely reset your eyes to the vampire eyes should this happen.

If your character does not receive "A Change of Face" for whatever reason:

Open console and enter:
help "A Change of Face" 4
and get the item ID of the BOOK.  Then, enter:
player.additem <item ID goes here