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The Hunt for the Spectre is an Elden Ring inspired quest mod centred around Ren, a man who is hunting a serial killer known as the Spectre. The mod features multiple endings and incredibly high quality voice acting.

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The Hunt for the Spectre

The Hunt for the Spectre is a quest mod revolving around Ren and his hunt for a necromantic serial killer dubbed as "the Spectre". As you progress through this encounter based quest mod, you'll edge ever closer to putting a stop to the killer and giving his victims the peace they deserve. Along the way, you'll learn more about Ren and his motivations for hunting down this crazed killer. The mod features multiple endings depending on the player's actions and if they complete a certain task. Furthermore, custom assets are used to really immerse the player in a brand new experience. The mod's writing takes heavy inspiration from Elden Ring and the Souls series as a whole and this whole mod is basically a tribute to D, from Elden Ring.

  • Fully voiced. The mod features extremely high-quality voice acting done by someone with plenty of experience. The mod is voiced by Alex Cain, an incredibly talented voice actor who has hundreds of hours of experience.
  • Unique story and questline. The actual topic of serial killers in Skyrim is only ever touched upon in vanilla and few mods really delve into other killers. The Hunt for the Spectre directly delves into this aspect and immerses the player in the threat of this killer with bounties all around the minor settlements warning those of the Spectre. The tragic story of Ren is also incredibly unique and sets him apart from the mostly lacklustre NPCs of vanilla Skyrim.
  • Custom assets. Using two unique armours from incredibly talented mod authors, the quest's immersion is only added to further by these unique items. The reward for the quest also features a unique model and serves as a unique incentive for the mod.
  • New locations. The mod does feature new locations as points of interest on Ren's journey. They are all fairly small but really add to the validity of the danger of the Spectre.

  • Can the mod be downloaded mid-game?
Yes, it's completely fine to install mid-game.
  • Is it ESLed?
Yes it is!
  • Is the mod clean?
Yes, I have only edited the necessary cells, there should be no conflicts due to dirty edits.
  • How do I start the quest?
You just need to approach Ren's first location.
  • A huge thank you to Alex Cain who did an incredible job voice acting Ren. It was honestly one of his best performances and I couldn't be happier with the result!
  • Thank you to Mihail for allowing the use of his Toxin Doctor armour set.
  • Thank you to uni_SL for their amulet asset
  • Thank you to ChakraSSE for their Onyx Armour set and for downscaling for me :))
  • Thank you to ChickenMike for the provided patches!

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