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Added: 19/06/2017 - 06:35AM
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Original mod on Skyrim Nexus found here.

So you've finally done it. You are the guildmaster of the Thieves Guild. As a reward, Brynjolf presents you with the key to the Tribute Chest,
of which he says and I quote; "As Guildmaster you are getting a
significant cut of the spoils." Then you open it to see what's inside.
Depending on your level, at best 800 gold, at worst 50. A "significant"
cut indeed.

This mod fixes that.

Checking the Creation Kit, I found container information and multiplied the gold by 10. So it
ranges from 500 to 8000 gold. (Bear in mind that the chest only respawns
when the cell is reset) Note I didn't edit the gem quantity.

This may sound like (and indeed might be) this mod is very cheaty, but this
is the Thieves Guild at its full glory. Now it feels more like a
"Tribute" then just a needless exercise.

There are 3 files, the original (x10), and 2 new ones (x5) and (x2.5)

This WILL conflict with files that edit the Tribute Chest container, so do use only ONE of the files on offer.

While I do not take requests, I may take suggestions which I may or may not put into action.

Just extract to the Data folder.