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::Areekus the Brave Argonian Blade follower::

I've never found any Argonian follower that I seemed to like very much in terms of appearance, sooo I made my own.

Areekus is a level 100 follower, he specializes in Heavy Armor, One Handed, Two Handed, Archery and Block and he also doesn't affect your stealth meter if you like to play as a bit of a sneaky character. 

He is residing in Sky Haven Temple and already has his own set of Blades armor, including a sword so you don't need to give him yours. 

He's meant to be used at a bit of a higher level because I always start the main story line after completing the guild quests but you can use him as soon as you get to Sky Haven Temple.


The only requirements are Skyrim up to date and all 3 DLC's, but this is Skyrim Special Edition so I'm going to assume you have them. 


Use NMM or extract into SteamGames>steamapps>common>Skyrim Special Edition>Data and then enable in the load order.

::Load order::

Near the bottom of your load order I would imagine, or just use LOOT. 

::I recommend using with ''Amazing Follower Tweaks'' and ''My Home is Your Home''::