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Added: 19/06/2017 - 03:02AM
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Last updated at 19:39, 21 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 3:02, 19 Jun 2017

(2.0) Thanks for an advice, now fixed effect that Vampires look like more burning / and DLC DragonBorn Required.
(2.1) I Attached Wrong File in 2.0, which is fixed in 2.1
(2.5) Fixing Effect in 2.0 And Not Applying Effect To Harkon (which must be important if you are playing the main quest of Dawnguard)

(If You Update To 2.5) Highly recommend to re-add the spell ed0a8 with the procedure below, to Harkon whose form-ID is **00ec8b (** is your load-order of Dawnguard.esm).

Some people may hope killed Vampires to become dust without any additional function, so This Mod don't have any function without making Vampires - including player - dust remains.
True Death has the same function but when I installed its doesn't work. So I want to make  a simple mod so that it can work correctly. 

To install, I hope you to make cells reseted (by waiting 30 days in game or so, but if you don't hurry to activate, its unnecessary), but if for some reason this mod doesn't work, please try following:

1. start console and click the character which has any problem.
2. type "removespell ed0a8" and return, and type "addspell ed0a8" and return.
3. close console

(If Player is already a Vampire When Installing / After Uninstalling, please do this to the player)

Easily translation by translator like x translator.

自分の環境でTrueDeathが動かなくなったようなので途中導入でも安全に作動するよう作成しました。翻訳はx translatorなどを使えばファイルなしで完全にできると思います(疾病耐性にエフェクト加えただけなので)。 
(2.0) エフェクトを修正しました。