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Introducing a massive overhaul of Skyrim and all it's DCL's! Combining the talents of dozens of the talented authors on Nexus to bring you a whole new level of gameplay.

Permissions and credits

There is a credits article which lists all of the mods added here please see it for a list of what you would want to remove from your load order. Also added a readme alphabetized for easy searching.

Update instructions = Remove all previous NSO files and add the new files in. (Going into a small cell like a home or inn and resting for 30 days to reset inventories, guards and leveled lists is HIGHLY suggested also)

Pre - v2.5 Update instructions. <-- Script cleaner.

People who update midgame will need to clean the script "QF_aaabook_02000d63.pex" then console "stopquest aaabook" and "resetquest aaabook" to receive the power.

I have provided a nso file for easy command to do the console. Simply open you console and type 'bat nso'

To reset the leveled lists you need to go into a small interior cell (like an inn) and rest for 31 days. 
Always remember to remake your bashed patch.

[/left]Introducing a massive overhaul of Skyirm brought to you by dozens of talented Nexus mod authors! Hundreds of mods and works have been seamlessly combined to bring a whole new Skyrim experience to the game you know and love! The main goals for this are little to no cell and world edits and lore friendly to enhance your Skyrim experience. Therefore with a bashed patch this mod has maximum compatibility. This also brings all of the DLC and Skyrim content into the other Skyrim areas. As of yet there are no known actual incompatibilities.

Unlike other mods that add in a ton of armor, weapons and the like these were not haphazardly added I've endeavored to only add full sets (Such as the Bonemold, Chitin and Horker weapon sets) and full material tier sets (Like the crossbows and circlets) For the great majority everything is lore friendly and immersive. Everything that has added textures use 2k typically very high detail textures!

NSO Legendary Edition Patch Central - Located here!
NSO Special Edition Patch Central - Located Here!

Attention! Please read if nothing else:
The Unofficial Patch is a requirement.
Wyre Bash patch is super highly suggested! (The only way you don't really need one is if this is the only other mod you're going to use)
This mod is NOT safe to uninstall, delete, disable, enable any of that. Not only is this a bad idea with literally any script or esp based mod removing this one will kill your save. Maybe not immediately but it will.

Highlight Totals:
New ingestables = 150
New Ammunition = 90
New Armors = 4,755 (Most are enchanted variants)
New Spells = 717 (Care was taken to prevent duplicates)
New Enchantments = @160 (I don't have a proper count right now)
New Ingredients = 11
New Misc Items = 33
New Shouts = 29
New Weapons = 11,090 (Most are enchanted variants)
Many new powers & abilities (I've lost track on these) 
Check the credits article for a list of mods you will no longer want or need after getting this.
Hundreds of improvements made to quests, dialog, crafting systems, leveled lists and logical changes/edits.
A completely new level and take on Quest-line based equipment.
Items from the DLC are now in the other areas so it seams like the DLC were all a original part of Skyrim.

I have added full WAFR & CCOR mod keywords, and smithing menu settings to better enhance your crafting. While her mods are not required they are HIGHLY suggested as they compliment this well. Made sure all all spike keywords were included for guard dialog overhaul.

Nexus Skyirm Overhaul Optional Magic esp additions:


Questing added equipment:
 (All versions are not enchanted)

Jagged crown is craft-able (After "The Jagged Crown" is completed)
Skaal Boots, Coat, Gloves and Coat are now all craft-able (After "Fate of the Skaal" is completed)
Psijic Robes, Hood, Boots and Gloves are now playable and craft-able (After "Good Intentions" is completed)
Greybeard Robes, Boots and Hood are now playable and craft-able (After "The Way of the Voice" is completed)
Thalmor Boots, Gloves, Robes and Hooded Robes are craft-able (After "Eye of Magnus" is completed)
Jester Clothes, Boots, Gloves and Hat are now playable and Craft-able (After "The Cure For Madness" is completed)
Nightingale Armor, Gloves, Boots and Hood are now craft-able (After " Trinity Restored" is completed)
Linwes' Armor is now craft-able (After "Summerset Shadows" is completed)
Mythic Dawn Boots, Gloves, Robes and Hooded Robes are craft-able (After "Pieces of The Past" is completed)
Blades armor set is now craft-able (After "Alduins Wall" is completed) 
Ancient Falmer Cuirass, Boots, Gauntlets and Crown are now craft-able (After "Touching the Sky" is completed)
All 3 types of Thieves Guild Armor are now craft-able (As you progress through the thieves guild quest-line)
Cultist armor set is now craft-able (After "Dragonborn" is completed)
Morag Tong Boots, Armor, Bracers and Hood are all craft-able (After "Served Cold" is completed)
Forsworn Boots, Armor, Headdress and Gauntlets are all craft-able (After "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine" is completed)
Arch-Mage's Boots, Robes and Hooded Robes are craft-able (After "Eye of Magnus" is completed)
Mystic Tuning gloves are craft-able (After "Out of Balance" is completed)
Penitus Oculatus armor set is craft-able (After completing either "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!" or "Breaching Security")
Telvanni Hood, Robes and Shoes are craft-able (After "Old Friends" is completed)
Nordic Pickaxe is now craft-able (After "An Axe to Find" is completed)
A large amount of new cannibalistic foods are now craft-able (after "The Taste of Death" is completed and while wearing "The Ring of Namira")
Rueful Axe with a 1-bladed variety & 1-handed variety is now craft-able. (After "A Daedra's Best Friend" is completed)
Emperors Robes are now craft-able (After "Hail Sithis!" is completed)

Thane armor rewards - The first time you become Thane of <insert hold here>, a set of Thane armor will be delivered to you via courier, except for Windhelm, since its thane armor is now the Stormcloak armor, and they have yet to create a new color palate. Each set is identical in design to the vanilla guards armor in order to act as a universal indicator that the wearer is a Thane, since NSO adds unique guard armors this will allow collectors to have a unique vanilla Guard armor set per Thane location to display with their Thane weapons.

Faction Equipment: (All versions are not enchanted)
Dawnguard Equipment is craft-able by Dawnguard Faction members at Fort Dawnguard. (Includes the extra damage to Vampires script)
Vampire armors are craft-able by Volkihar Vampire Clan Faction members.
Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Hand Wraps, Hood, Robes and Shoes are craft-able by Dark Brotherhood faction members.
Companions Wolf Armor is now craft-able by Companions faction members.
All Skyforge weapons and armors are now craft-able after you gain the use of the Skyforge. (Includes the added Skyforge equipment) 
Soldiers gain the abilities to craft their factions armors.

Outfit Changes:
Allows the player to be dressed in any of the four variants of the prisoner outfit instead of the generic beggar outfit.
Added the missing topless with shoes prisoner outfit variant (women will never be topless).
Changed Farkas' outfit to Wolf Armor, as was originally intended according to unused dialogue.
Changed the imprisoned Alik'r Warrior's outfit to a prisoner outfit (the topless with shoes variant).
Changed the Windhelm Argonian dock workers' outfits to miner outfits to better look the part of workers.
Freas default outfit is now the new White Skaal armor.

A whole new outfit for Aela which includes her own signature armor, bow, arrows and actual unique quest shield (Now she's truly a 'Huntress') - Should work with other Aela overhauls, at least the shield part will -

Now Delfine and Esbern will equip and wear Blades armor. Delphine now has a Dragon Steel Bow and 48 Dragon Steel Arrows. Esbern now has a Blades Sword and a copy of "The Rise and Fall of the Blades" in his inventory. 

Equipment additions and logistical changes/fixes:


Rupture and Craft Soul Gems - This mod allows crafting Soul Gems at any smelter, as well as rupturing them into Soul Gem Fragments at any forge.

Added rings that are worn on the left hand. 
  • These rings can be crafted, enchanted, bought from merchants, and found randomly as treasure. 
  • A new Bond of Matrimony ring that can be worn all the time on the proper hand and finger.
  • Left hand convertible versions of the Ring of Hircine, Ring of Namira, Ring of The Beast, Ring of the Arudite, Bone Hawk ring, Ahzidal's rings, and the 4 Werewolf rings. 
  • You can see rings on your left hand while in first person view. 
  • Ring icon and label for the left hand rings in the SkyUI menus are included.
  • Added all the vanilla enchanted rings to be worn on the left hand.
  • Added the ability to craft unenchanted versions of the Dawnguard vampire amulets and rings of power (both left and right hand rings) as well as 2 additional color variations that were only available via console in the base game.

Added Expanded Jewelry crafting also added the jewelry to leveled lists.
Added a custom mesh for the Morag Tong Hood. 
Added a set of meshes for smaller eggs as the ostrich-looking eggs did not make much sense.
Added a mesh so brooms are held better and closer to the ground.
Added fixed meshes for the Forsworn Armor male bracers both third and first person views.
Added Animated Dwemer Lift Load Doors.
Added Clam Shell and Meat retexture.
Added More Dramatic Alduin retexture. 
Added Paarthurnax Reborn. (new mesh and texture)
Added fixed Ulfric's bracers female view.

Added formid's so the Ancient Nordic Pickaxes work on regular ores now. Including Hoarfrost.
Added the fabled "Notched Pickaxe" to the Stalhrim ore tool list. (Long live Notch!)
Added new looks for the crafted Nordic Pickaxe.

Lunar Forge now actually works as a special forge and is relevant at night to provide Lunar weapon smithing.
Added a map marker to the Lunar Forge with a small discovery radius. (You have to enter the actual forge area)
Silver Weapons can be crafted at the Lunar Forge.
Lunar Weapons can be crafted at the Lunar Forge.

Added a Dragon Priest themed circlet for each dragon priest mask you can collect. (You get them at the same time you get the masks)

Added a trio of lovely themed circlets with unique enchantments you can find in delphines' room in the basement of Riverwoods Sleeping Giant inn. There are also some Thalmor specific styled armor and weapons in the same pack.Added Truly Light Glass Armor & Truly Light Elven Armor for women. They are still vanilla looking just lighter and more feminine.

Unread Books Glow - Books which you have not read yet will have a visible glow. When you read a book for the first time, its glow will disappear.

Weapon Variants Expansion - WVE is a collection of 98 weapons and 24 shield variations added to leveled lists (NPC's, loot and shop inventories) and the forge. Each of the new weapons is a “variant” of an existing one.

Auriels additions:

Arch-Curate Vyrthur is now equipped with a Snow Elf shield and Auriel's Sword.
Auriel’s Sword – is an Elven blade from Adonnay. Its power is that of Dawnbreaker, but more powerful with an enhanced silver status.
Auriel's Crossbow
Bloodcursed Bolts
Sunhallowed Bolts
The new Snow Elf\Auriels items are placed in a chest in front of Auriel's Statue/Temple in the Forgotten Vale (With an extra set of vanilla Snow Elf Items) Arch-Curate Vyrthur has the key to the chest.

Added a whole series of stylized unique shields (31 in all)
  • Shields are completely new and made from scratch including unique textures and meshes.
  • Shields Are Temparable - Meaning you can upgrade them at the Smith (You cannot craft them though)
  • They are added to leveled list, you will find them while exploring.

All Dwemer scrap now actually weighs what it is worth to smelt. i.e. before Solid Dwemer metal weighed 25 pounds but only gave 5 ingots now it only weighs 5 pounds.

Recipes added: (All added and enabled equipment have tempering and breakdown recipes)
Mammoth Tusks can be powdered at the forge.
Human skull, Troll skull and Dragon bones can be turned into bone meal at the forge.
Thalmor Robes, Hooded Robes, Boots and Gloves
Falmer Boots, Armor, Helmet, Shield and Gauntlets
Hunting Bow, Long Bow, Wooden Sword, Nordic Pickaxe, Woodcutters Axe and Child's' Doll
Silver Sword, Silver Greatsword, Headsman Axe, Blades Sword, Studded imperial Armor, Torturers Hood

Added crafting & tempering recipes for the remaining Dawnguard armor and weapons.

Lockpicks are craft-able in bulk amounts of 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 (amounts raise with your smithing skill!)

Gold coin recipes: (Balanced to prevent experience training exploiting) 
1 gold ingot = 90 septim
1 gold ore = 45 septim
110 septim = 1 gold ingot

Better Atronach Forge
Bug Fixes:
  • Gold Jeweled Necklaces are counted as Amethyst items.
  • Burned Books are counted as Ruined Books.
  • Boar, Rabbit, and Venison are counted as Beast Flesh.
  • Typos in the recipe notes were fixed.
  • The dozen duplicates for the Daedric Item recipe were re-purposed.

Balance Changes:
  • Gems summon 4 salts.
  • Flawless gems summon 6 salts or Potent Atronaches.
  • Silver Swords summon one handed weapons.
  • Silver Greatswords summon two handed weapons or bows.
  • Unenchanted Conjuration Staves can be used in place of Brooms.
  • Human flesh can be used to summon Dremoras.
  • Staff and Spell Tome recipes tweaked to be a little more consistent.
  • Recipe notes now have labels!

  • There are also 17 new recipes added to the forge. 
  • They have notes added to the leveled lists. 
  • Almost all of the new notes are actually edited duplicates of the Daedric Item recipe.
  • There is also a guide with all original and new recipes. 
  • It is split into two volumes. 
  • Both can be summoned by the forge using one ruined book (which now includes burned books.) However, the books are classified as notes for some odd reason.

Spells and Enchantments additions/changes:
DLC Spells are now added to the rest of Skyrims leveled lists.
Added Waterwalking Enchantment. 
Added Shock, Solar and Cold Soul Trap weapon enchantments.
Arch Conjurers summon Dremora Lords.

Master Spells Should Be Masterful - You've slowly and painfully leveled your magic skill, without even cheating. You laboriously leveled enchanting to the point where you can cast high level spells. You went on an annoying quest and solved an annoying riddle to gain the master Ritual Spells... This mod fixes all that. All the vanilla master spells can now be cast with one hand. With the exception of Flame, Frost and Storm Thrall, they can all be dual cast for much more intense effects. And I reduced the casting time from 3 seconds to 1.

Zim's Fortify Enchantments - Enchanting is, I think, unbalanced in Skyrim. It's especially immersion-breaking for me that player-made enchantments can be more powerful than the infamous artifacts of the Aedra and Daedra. The aim of this mod is to limit the power of player-made enchantments by removing the Fortify Enchanting effect while adding a useful, powerful, balanced, lore-friendly alternative that makes all enchantments more useful.

Skyrim Magic System Completed(SMSC) - Are you tired of not having some magic effects applicable in all forms? A spell you want as a potion?  An enchantment you wish were a spell? Well, if your answer was yes, this mod might be what you are looking for, despite not being finished, this mod still adds some new enchantments, spells and potions that are just effects copied over from other types of magic (for example, there is now a potion of firecloak, and a spell of weakness to frost.)

Mystic Condenser - The Mystic Condenser will combine 2 or more potions/poisons/filled soul gems of the same type into 1 or more of their higher-level counterparts, with no loss of efficacy.  For example, 3 standard Potions of Healing (restore 50 points of health each) will condense down to 2 Potions of Plentiful Healing (restore 75 points of health each), preserving the total 150 points of health, while taking up 0.5 less weight (and being worth a few more septims as well). There is one stored in the attic of Dragonscreach. There is also a token to place one anywhere you want stored in the mages pouch at the end are of the tutorial.

Lore Friendly Spells - This mod adds 100+ new lore friendly spells that were missing (in my opinion) from the original game. All spells are added to the leveled list so they can be found like any other vanilla spells. The purpose of this mod is to add more choices and flavor for the magicians and to keep the vanilla feel of the game. 

Thunderchild - Epic Shouts and Immersion - Thunderchild features 29 new shouts with multiple effects, powerful abilities to improve your shouting, a new section of High Hrothgar, a high quality Greybeard Robe model, items, improvements and bugfixes to existing shouts. But only the most talented and devout can become a Tongue...

Improved Restoration spells against undead - The vanilla spells in the Restoration school in Skyrim are rather lackluster for trying an anti-undead paladin/priest sort of build, and while Dawnguard adds some nice Sunfire spells to damage the undead with, a popular request is for the Heal Other spells to also damage undead. This mod is my own take on making the healing spells damage undead as well as some tweaks to the Turn Undead spells.

Soul Cairn Mistman-Boneman-Wrathman Overhaul - This is a simple .esp mod that changes the three summonable creatures found in the soul cairn to make them more effective in higher difficulties. The Mistman, Boneman, and Wrathman summons now level with your character and have a few other additions to make them more formidable. 

Shield\gloves enchantments - - Healing Blockade - If an attack is blocked there is a chance that you will receive a healing effect. - Lightning Blockade - If an attack is blocked your enemy will be shocked and staggers. - Burning Blockade - If an attack is blocked it will set your enemy on fire and make them flee. - Chilling Blockade - If you block an attack your enemy will freeze into solid ice increasing his resistance for that time.

Skyrim Extended Potions - 47 more potions in game.

Magic Anomalies Nerfed - During the college questline the magic anomalies you fight could end up being way overpowered. They had a level multiplier of 1.75 and no level cap. This could make them super over powered. They now have a level multi of 1.25 and a max level of 100.

Allure orientation option - Choose your character's sexual orientation when taking the Allure perk. Characters attracted to men or women will get 10% better prices when bartering with them, while characters attracted to both will get 5% better prices with everyone. This also applies retroactively, if you took the perk before installing the mod.

Added full magic scaling:All schools:
-Novice Stage: Cast Novice level spells for half magicka. The duration and magnitude of all Novice spells scale with your skills up to 25%.
-Apprentice Stage: Cast Apprentice level spells for half magicka. The duration and magnitude of all Apprentice spells scale with your skills up to 50%.
-Adept Stage: Cast Adept level spells for half magicka. The duration and magnitude of all Adept spells scale with your skills up to 75%.
-Expert Stage: Cast Expert level spells for half magicka. The duration and magnitude of all Expert spells scale with your skills up to 100%.
-Master Stage: Cast Master level spells for half magicka. Dual casting all schools spells require 20% less magicka and have increased magnitude and duration by 20%.

Silent Moons Enchant - The in game description reads that Silent Moon Enchant would "transfer health from victim to the wielder like a vampire" it now does just that. Now Silent Moon Enchant does not only burn target, but also absorb their health under moonlight. 

Dragon Shouts Rebalanced - This mod does exactly what its name implies; it tweaks the values of your dragon shouts to make them more useful and appropriately powerful. Almost every shout has been modified in some way, such as cooldown reduction or power increase, making your Thu'um feel more in line with its legendary reputation. However, each change was given careful consideration and caution was taken to prevent your shouts from becoming overpowered.

All other actual races have Black Souls - Elder Scrolls lore describes Black Soul Gems as being special in that, unlike regular Soul Gems, they can be used to trap the souls of humanoid races.In vanilla this includes Imperials, Nords, Bretons, Redguards, Orcs, High Elves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Argonians, Khajiit and Dremora, but misses a few important groups of humanoids:Draugr and Dragon Priests are the not-quite-dead-yet ancestors of the Nords. Weird, certainly - but Human, just like the Nords.Falmer are the descendants of Snow Elves. They might be corrupted, but they're still Mer.Giants and Rieklings are humanoids with their own language and complex cultures that predate the arrival of Men and Mer to Tamriel.Hagravens are Forsworn females that have undergone transformation due to their magic, but they're still Bretons at heart.This mod changes all of these races of humanoids to make sure that their souls are only trappable using Black Soul Gems.

Summon Arvak - Now a Lesser Power

Transmute fixes and changes:
Now transmutes all iron ore in your inventory to silver ore and then transmutes the silver ore to gold ore.
However, you can transmute your iron ore to gold by dual casting the spell.
If you no iron ore in your inventory but more than 2 silver ores, dual casting the spell will transmute 2 silver ores to 2 gold ores.
Transmute will now prioritize transmuting iron to silver, as otherwise it is impossible to transmute a large stack of iron to silver without constantly removing all silver from your inventory after every casting.

Added alternate Soul Trap versions:
All version have the element first so the element scales in damage and the soul trap is set to 2 seconds.
Chilling Soul Trap (Frost and Stamina damage plus can slow the target)
Shocking Soul Trap (Shock and Magika damage)
Burning Soul Trap 'Renamed Fiery Soul Trap' (Does Fire damage and burning extra damage)

Improved Illusion buff spells:
By default, the support/buff spells in the Illusion tree are useless. The boost to Health/Stamina/Skills they provide can't be increased by anything other than potions, and they don't even have any perks dedicated to them while the Fear/Frenzy/Calm spell lines do. This mod improves their performance while also changing the perks Animage and Kindred Mage. For example, in vanilla, if you cast all 3 Rally spells on a human follower, they will get a maximum of 25+25+25=75 boost to Health and Stamina and 25 boost to One-handed, Two-handed, and Archery. With this mod, if you have the perk Kindred Mage, and dual-cast the spells, you will get 110+110+50=270 boost to Health and Stamina and 50 boost to One-handed, Two-handed, and Archery.
-Animage now also applies its effects to Undead and Daedra (you still need Master of the Mind for Illusion spells to affect them in the first place)
-Animage and Kindred Mage will also double the secondary effects (Fortify Health/Stamina/Skill) of Courage, Rally, and Call to Arms (they affect all other Illusion spells normally)
-The spells Courage and Rally will also increase in magnitude as well as duration when dual-cast (Call to Arms is a Master spell, and so cannot be dual-cast)

Script based fixes, tweaks and changes:
Added Vicious Ceph's Wabbajack Fix (Undress version) (DA15WabbajackEffectSCRIPT.pex) 

The Black Books can now be read and activated from other worldspaces not just on Solsthiem. (dlc2bookdungeoncontrollerscript.pex)

Ash piles and ghostly remains will now delete themselves properly after 7 days. (ashpilecleanup.pex)

When the Dragonrend shout hits the dragon, depending on the location, there are cases where the dragon can not find the landing point and will fly far away until it disappears with the new script it will now turn around instead of flying away. (NotMissingDragon.pex)

Fixes a bug that the dragon bleeding effect was not done properly. (FXDragonBloodDamageScript.pex)
FXDragonBloodDamageScript had many critical error.
  1. Reprocessed due to duplication of processing, resulting in a stack of errors.
  2. Health calculation process was wrong, resulting bleeding has increased or decreased.
  3. PlaySubGraphAnimation() function usage was wrong, resulting bleed processing has stopped halfway.4.Because it had not checked the death and it had many errors, the following processing (dragon soul absorb) occasionally was adversely affected.

Aetherial Crown script fix for the following issues: (DLC1LD_AetherialCrownScript.pex)
  • You can easily get the Aetherial Crown into a state where it will only correctly apply the crown ability every second time you equip it.
  • You can equally easy get three (or more) standing stone abilities to be active at the same time - one from the crown, two actually on the player.
  • Also, if you store the same ability in the crown as you have as a player ability, then equipping and unequipping the crown will erase the player ability, leaving you without a standing stone ability while the crown is unequipped.

New Equipment:
  • Added a Dawnguard Hood -Light Armor-
  • Added a Unique wedding ring and changed the ring slot for the wedding ring to 55 for the proper finger. 
  • Added a Stahlrim Bastard Sword and Claymore
  • Added a light Blades Armor set
  • Added a full set of Bonemold weapons
  • Added a full set of Chitin weapons with a custom mesh heavy shield
  • Added a Silver Weapons set (Equal to Nord Hero strength with Silver Properties)
  • Added a Lunar Weapons set (Equal to Steel strength with Silent Moons Enchantment)
  • Added a Thalmor Hooded Robes and a Thalmor Robes (not enchanted)
  • Added a Skyforge Steel armor set with 2 variants of helmets and armors
  • Added a 1-Handed Dawnguard Rune Hammer
  • Added a Telvanni Hood
  • Added a set of craft-able replicas of the Amulets of The 9 Divines
  • Added a new Stahlrim heavy armor set with a unique heavy shield
  • Added a craft-able Rueful Axe with a 1 handed variety option
  • Added a craft-able Helm of Yngol. Including a fixed mesh to fix hair clipping on females.
  • Added a ring of Waterwalking with a learn-able Waterwalking Enchantment to leveled lists.
  • Added a full set of Horker based weaponry. Changed "Horksbane" to use the new Horker Mace model. (includes the Horker Crossbow)
  • Added a Brutal Orcish weapon set. (20% more stagger, needs a extra ingot of each required ingot to construct) New textures!
  • Added a Refined Ebony weapon set. (20% higher speed, requires 1 Quicksilver ingot in addition to the regular materials) New textures!
  • Added a Demonic Daedric weapon set. (plus 20% critical damage needs an extra Deadra Heart to construct) New textures!
  • Added a full shock Stalhrim (Stalneisti) variant Armor and Weapon set.
  • Added a full fire Stalhrim (Staleldur) variant Armor and Weapon set.
  • Added a set of Crown Helmets - Glass, Dragonplate/Dragonscale, Daedric mask and crown and Ebony.
  • Added a large compliment of Draugr weapons and shields.
  • Added a pair craft-able Chitin Goggles.
  • Added a White Skaal Outfit and a matching Skaal amulet.
  • Added a set of Forsworn Skull Helmets 
  • Added a full extra set of HD Black and Gold Dwarven Armor and Weapons.
  • Added craft-able Torches (Requires 1 linen and 2 firewood to make 4 Torches).
  • Added Snow Elf Helmet, Shield, Katana, Bow, Arrows, Bow, Arrows,2 different Shortswords, 2 different Longswords, Greatsword & Dagger.
  • Added Shellbug Armor, Boots, Gauntlets and Shield.
  • Added 15 Dwemer based beards.
  • Added KD Circlets
  • Added Bound Dagger, Mace, War Axe, Claymore and Warhammer spells and tomes. (Note: the War Axe will also chop fire wood)
  • Added Heroic Stormcloak Armor  
  • Added Katanas, Dai-Katanas and Tanto's to most weapon tiers.
  • Added 6 Highly stylized daggers from DaggerCraftPackage 
  • Added Purchasable Telvanni and Dunmer outfits 
  • Added College Boots to the mage corpse in the cage during the start.
  • Added a full set of Dragonsteel Weapons.
  • Added a whole set of Dragonmold Armor (Dragonplate fused with Bonemold)
  • Added a set of "Wolf Steel" weapons.
  • Added a set of Eastern Dwemer weapons.
  • Added Scoped Bows. 
  • Added Staves of Skyrim, (Main File - Adds 30 new staves to the game, including new Perks to enhance their usefullness) 
  • Added Bonemold Expanded 
  • Added Rustic Weapons Pack.
  • Added Ivory Glass Weapons.
  • Added Black and Gold Elven Equipment with Masked Helmet.

There are now almost 70 highly detailed, themed and unique shields and weapons that are only obtainable from boss chests after level 40.

Added Backpacks. Craft-able under tools and sold by Kahjiit Caravans and general goods stores. (more variations are actually sold than you can craft) Including a couple of unique models and versions.

More unique additions:
Corundum Redguard Shield
Dagger of Xian
Ebony Redguard Shield
Elven Warsword 1-Handed
Elven Warsword 2-Handed
Light Redguard Shield
Ornate Redguard Shield
Ornate Silver Great Sword
Ornate Silver Sword
Silver Redguard Shield
Steel Redguard Shield
Great Sword of Tongues
Sword of Tongues
Ghosu - Helmets & Bone Shield (They start appearing after level 12)
Nord Hero Armor Set w\an alternate Helm and Shield (Only found as a set and even then like a 25% chance of the original 25% chance) 
Northern Steel Battle Axe ***
Ring of waterwalking ***
Dragonscale and Dragonplate Gauntlets of the Peerless Spellsword ***
Excalibur Sword and Excalibur Greatsword
Solar, Frost and Shock soultrap daggers ***
Chilling, Burning, Shocking and Healing iron shields. ***
Fast iron boots ***
Glass Dagger of Vampiric Chaos *** 

Dragonclaw Weaponry - This little mod will enable you to turn those good-for-one-thing dragonclaws into weapons through smithing! You can create one-handed Dragon Claw weapons based of off each Dragon Claw. You must have a Claw in your inventory to create a Claw Weapon Based off of it. They can be tempered at the sharpening wheel.

Various guard outfits for Every cityTS Edition - To make more active Skyrim, I've modified every city guard's outfit design and concept depends on each city's atmosphere and environments. No changes to the solitude guards were added from this mod.

A Matter of Faith, Daedric Edition - Outfits for the priest, priestesses and worshipers of the Daedric Princes. All 16 Princes are covered (not including Jygallag), including both the Manic and Demented sides of Sheogorath. All items have a male and female equivalent and are for the vanilla body. This is a stand alone re-texture and does not replace any of the vanilla outfits. Selected NPCs wear the appropriate robes to reflect their patron Daedra. All clothes can be found on the quest or near the quest location of your chosen Daedric Prince. Alternatively, you can find all the clothes in a 'Confiscated Items' chest at Stendarr's Beacon, south-east of Riften.

Added Ebony Diamond Circlet - The Mage's Circlet reward from Savos Aren in the College of Winterhold quest has been altered to be this circlet. Gave Elisif an ebony diamond circlet. Made the Diadem of The Savant an ebony diamond circlet. Buffed its enchantment to make it worth finding. 

Added a set of "Bloodmoon" weapons Bloodmoon weapons deal +25 damage to animals and creatures and +25 stamina damage to humans and elves. They can only be found and crafted in Bloated Man's Grotto.

Added Arrowsong - Made by Master Bowyer Karagorm of Valenwood and given to his assistant Angorn as he lay on his deathbed. Created to be the king of bows with matching arrows. Lost for 500 years when Angorn fell off a ledge as he was about to open a chest in Shadowgreen cavern while backing up and firing upon an approaching spriggan. Now you Dovahkiin have found Angorn and recieved the bow ArrowSong. Master Bowyer Karagorm, who despised all evil has blessed the bow to give the owner the ability to craft copies and more arrows upon being given the bow. By reading Angorn's note you receive that blessing.

Fork and Knife changes: 
  • Improve a fork at a grindstone (Requires 1 iron ingot)
  • Improve a knife at a grindstone (Requires 1 iron ingot)
  • Made fork and knife damage scale with One-Handed level

Notes about totally new equipment types and crafting methods:
Lunar weapons can only be crafted at the Lunar forge at night.
Silver weapons can only be crafted at the Lunar forge.
Salneisti items require the "A New Source of Stalhrim" be completed and Stalneisti ore which can be crafted at the forge with Stalhrim and Void Salts.
Staledur items require the "A New Source of Stalhrim" be completed and Staledur ore which can be crafted at the forge with Stalhrim and Fire Salts.

I suggest checking the crafting menus with ingots in your inventory as a lot of items are shown only if you have ingots.i.e. There are many new circlets and rings that will only show if you have a Gold Ingot or Silver Ingot in your inventory.

All weapons now have a more realistic reach: (A script will also be uploaded to another page that will easily allow for customization of this as there are just over 14,000 weapons after version 3
)Battleaxes & Warhammers              1.3 > 1.2
Bows, Crossbows and Daggers         0.7 > 0.5
Greatswords  & Staves                    1.3 > 1.1
One-handed Swords                        1.0 > 0.8
War Axes & Maces                          1.0 > 0.7

Leveled lists were re-balanced:


Quest, behavior and dialog changes:


Merchant Changes:


Added crossbows across the board:


Hearthfire Additions:
Also covers new foods, ingredients and drinks


Civil War NPC's and equipment changes:


Armored\Jeweled Circlets are added. (Half the armor rating of their helm counterparts)


Suggested mods to use with this:
kryptopyrs' mod(s) Currently not ported to SSE yet...
Weapons & Armor Fixes Remade
Clothing & Clutter Fixes
Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade
Smithing Perks Overhaul Remade 

Assets Credits:

All of the great mod authors here at the nexus!
If your assets are being used and I forgot to list you please drop me a line. A ton of mods and works were added and I simply missed adding you.

I have found a Nexus limitation. Too many credits were bugging the bbcode out on the main page. Credits will be in a article under articles from now on to ensure everyone is fully credited!

Honest disclaimer:
Please note that some ideas and mods were blatantly copied and redone under the 'dead mans clause' theory. This was only done if the had not been active in a very long time and if their mod page did not explicitly forbid re usage. Full credit is still given even if some of these mods had been fully rebuilt from scratch as is truly was their idea and work in the first place.

Kelsenellenelvians' Mods <---- Check my mods list!