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Corrects the navmesh. For companions and Npc's

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This fix changes the Navmesh of SpaceGoats 'Master The Summit' Mod.

I've filled a few navmesh gaps and changed something on some platforms and stairs. So that NPC's can use the better.

What would be adapted:
  • the cliff south of Winterhold
  • the cliff northwest of Ivarstead

  • downloade and active SpaceGoats¬† Master The Summit
  • download this fix and override the cliffs.esp

Known issues:

  • Floating objects, objects from tables on the floor.
Which happens because some objects are marked as "persistent". Which means its position is stored in the savegame.
You can fix it yourself by opening the console. Click on the object and disable it.
In a new game, all objects will be in place

SpaceGoats for Master The Summit