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Required files for my Revenancy mod, allows all custom races to have the appropriate dialogue spoken to them, and for custom races that you become because of some disease(ie vampires), to be cured by the appropriate quests(Companions, Dawnguard)

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This mod will be a required file for my Revenancy mod(as of 6/17/17), and allows the Revenant to be properly detected as whatever race they originally were for dialogue purposes. Also allows Revenancy to be cured by the Dawnguard quests, and Companion quests, thus opening up several more ways to be cured.

This mod is not specific to Revenancy however, it allows modders to add the race keywords to any custom races, to have the appropriate dialogue spoken to them as well, and for custom races that you become because of some disease(ie vampires), to be cured by the appropriate quests(Companions, Dawnguard).
In this way, it is similar to Race Compatibility, but again, this includes all race specific dialogue.
If your race is undead, it will allow you to bypass the vampire/soul trap requirement of the Soul Cairn portal.

Essentially incompatible with mods that alter race-specific dialogue, so if they're master files and you need those alterations, place those mods after this one.
HOWEVER, this mod must be loaded after the Unofficial Special Edition patch, and includes its edits to dialogue and quests where relevant. Some scripts have been overridden for certain quests.



Using this resource will make your mod dependant on this file. Your users will have to have this one as well in order to use yours. Keep this in mind.
If your race has no vampire form, but is also not a transformation race like vampirism, this resource will not be of use to you.

1) To make your custom race compatible using this resource, make your new race as usual including a vampire version(if not already undead) and don't forget about making your headpart formlists and etc., then save the esp file.
If your race is a new form which affects all original races, ie like vampirism, then the easiest way to ensure compatibility is to make it so that there is an ability that stores their original race and changes the player into the new race, then changes them back to that stored race when the ability effect ends. That way it can be quickly removed later on.

2) Open your race mod with the Creation Kit again as the active file, but this time check the box for the CustomRaceDialogueQuestFramework.esm so that it will be loaded as well.
Upon finishing the load procedure, save, and your file will become dependant on my resource.

3) Add the ActorRace keyword you deem most appropriate for your custom race/s, ie ActorRaceArgonianFramework if your race is something like an Argonian.
If your race is undead and you want the Dawnguard quest to reflect that fact, add the ActorTypeUndead keyword as well, and the Soul Cairn portal will not harm your race.
If you have a vampire form for your race, this is the time to confirm it has the correct keywords as well.

If your race has no vampire form(because it IS a new form) read 4a. If it does have a vampire form read 4b.

4a) Add each version of your new race to the ExcludedRaceListFramework formlist, of which you should have 10 forms, 1 for each standard race.
Looking at both StandardRaceListFramework and the ExcludedRaceListFramework lists, each race counterpart should be at the same Index number on the left, ie if your race starts out as an Argonian your custom race should be at Index 0 in ExcludedRaceListFramework. This will make Werewolves work correctly.
Go to step 5.
4b) Add the normal version of your race to the StandardRaceListFramework formlist, and the vampire version to the VampireRaceListFramework formlist.
Looking at each of these lists, each race counterpart should be at the same Index number on the left, ie if your race's normal form is at Index 10 in the Standard list, the vampire form should be at Index 10 as well on the Vampire list.
Go to step 6.

5) Add the spells and abilities that your form is given to the CustomSpellsToRemoveFramework formlist. This will make it so that if your players choose to become a vampire or werewolf, those spells will be removed. If you have set up an ability that restores the original race as outlined in the first step of this tutorial, this will return your player to their original race so that Vampirism and Beast Form work properly.

6) At this point, you're done. Save and create your archive, upload your mod and you're set.