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Adds carriage stops in the villages and a few other key locations throughout Skyrim. The vanilla carriage system is not altered in any way. These carriage stops are created from scratch as a system that works along side the vanilla carriage system.

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Carriage Stops Of Skyrim adds places to catch carriage rides to and from secondary locations not covered by the vanilla carriage system. All the vanilla villages are given a carriage stop as well as places like the Hearthfire homes, Fort Dawnguard, Castle Volkihar, etc.

The goal of this mod is to provide more carriage locations in an immersive and low-impact manner. The vanilla carriage system is not altered in any way. These carriage stops are created from scratch as a system that works along side the vanilla carriage system. It uses vanilla meshes and requires just one script to work. The script runs only when the carriage stop is activated. 

Carriage rides cost between 20 and 40 gold depending on the destination and maybe the mood of the driver. This amount represents the fact that the player is simply waiting for a carriage to pass by and hops a ride with a driver on his way to a location. It made sense to me that the carriages would be empty a lot of the time as drivers deliver passengers and return to original locations and the driver would likely be glad to pick up a passenger on an otherwise profitless leg of the trip.

The system consists of a bench, a light/warmth creating brazier and a menu of destinations. You click the bench to activate the menu, choose your destination and the screen fades to black as you hear an approaching carriage. There are no actual carriages placed at the location. This should be a relief to anyone who has tried mods that add actual carriages to locations as they are a giant bugfest of broken dreams.

Logical places were chosen for stops. They are mainly along roads near the destination. There are icons on the map marking stop locations and labeled "Carriage Stop".

Important: If a stop is near a vanilla carriage location (Whiterun, Solititude, etc.) then any location covered by the vanilla carriage is not reflected in the Carriage Stop menu. You will need to walk over to the vanilla carriage to travel to those destinations. The stop is there to get you to the places the vanilla carriage does not go.




Darkwater Crossing
Dragon Bridge
Old Hroldan
Shor's Stone

Heljarchen Hall (labeled Heljarchen)
Lakeview Manor (labeled Lake Ilinalta)
Windstad Manor (Labeled Windstad) This location has no nearby roads so there is no actual carriage stop here. It's just a destination. If you want to travel from this location you will need to build the home and purchase the Hearthfire Carriage. It's not ideal but I did not want to leave Windstad player's with no way to get home.

Castle Volkihar: The stop is located at the nearby Thalmor Fort. Those  self-entitled elves demanded it. Bonus points for killing them while you wait for your carriage.
Fort Dawnguard: The stop is usable only after key quest point. It's about 3 quests into the dawnguard story. 
High Hrothgar: It's available for use only after key quest point. 
Nightgate Inn

Object Clipping
If you have mods that add plants/trees/rocks/whatever and those items clip into the carriage stops, learn to use the disable command to get rid of the plant/tree/rock/etc. I don't use any of the mods that add trees/plants (SFO, etc.) so I would have no reasonable way of accommodating them. I do use Simply bigger trees and have not had any clipping issues. I also use the mod that puts fences and stuff along roads and I don't have any clipping there either. Your results may vary. If grass clips through the models, welcome to Skyrim. Grass clips through lots of stuff. Learn to love it.

NO navmeshes were altered in this mod. I put colission cubes around the stops set to NAVCUT which should keep NPCs from bumping into them. I also placed them off normal npc paths. Your results may vary.

Cleaned in xEdit. No vanilla forms altered.

The mod is in a BSA format. There is just one script. The source is included if you want to see how it works. 

This mod my be ported to Oldrim by anyone just post a link to the original mod and the resulting mod must be limited to Nexus.

Use a mod manager.

Load Order
Put it high in the load order. If you have any water, weather, outdoor lighting mods, put it above those. 

Use a mod manager.

No direct conflicts with any known mod. It does not alter vanilla settings, quests, scripts etc. so it should not have any conflicts. However it places items in the world so any mod that edits that same spot could result in clipping.

Don't know how to use a mod manager
Use Google.

Don't want to use a mod manager
You should already know two things:
1. How to manually install a mod

2. You should be using a mod manager