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A fort made of pillows near the Windhelm Docks.. I have no real explanation for why I made this.

Permissions and credits
Credit for the pillow models used in this mod goes to Insanity.

No, that's not some fancy codename, it's exactly what the title says.. Like it's actually made of pillows, it came out decent, much to my great childish delight. now I keep getting told that people love my Q&A style descriptions because they are "Hilarious", so here you go:

Q: ...Why?
A: Cut straight to the chase, I like your moxy soldier! So I'm in Las Vegas at the Harrah's Hotel, and I see that do not disturb sign you hang on your door so housekeeping doesn't come in while you're sleeping or.. Doing something else.. And it said "Please do not disturb, building awesome pillow forts" and I was
like... "I have an idea.".

Q: I've seen castles and forts much cooler than this.
A: AH! But have you seen a pillow fort that was cooler than this?! I THOUGHT NOT!

Q: Where is it?
A: Outside of Windhelm by the docks, out towards the ocean.

A: SarcasticDragon Inc. is not responsible for misuse of pillow fort.

Q: How much does this cost?
A: I am not working with Bethesda comrade, I give you pillow fort no charge.

Q: What should I use it for?
A: I dunno, Nerf wars? Cuddling with stuff?

Q: Contact info please.
A: Well just because you were so polite:

Steam @SarcasticDragon 
Bethesda Website @SarcasticDragon
Xbox Live @EmperorKraken66
YouTube @SarcasticDragon Gaming (*cough* subscribe)
Twitter @DracoSarcastic
Discord Server: