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  1. Scarla
    • supporter
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    Please read this and the mod description before posting or messaging me.

    I will be providing little to no support for this mod. The mod is pretty simple and should work fine out of the box. I encourage people to help each other in the comments though, if need be.


    I'm having trouble downloading the file.
    The site is getting a lot of traffic. Give it some time, or maybe try downloading manually instead of using a mod manager.

    I don't see any difference.
    Make sure you have the files in the Data folder of your Skyrim Special Edition -- not the Data folder of your original Skyrim installation.

    I don't like it.
    Then you don't have to use it. Mods like this one are completely subjective.

    Can I use this with EEO/CCBE/etc.?
    Yes. You should install those mods over top of this one so they overwrite the files.

    Can you put this up for Xbox One or on Bethesdanet?
    A lot of the resources I've included are from modders who do not want their stuff uploaded anywhere but on the Nexus. So there will probably never be an Xbox One version of this particular compilation.

    What's that line on the neck?
    The body and head textures are separate files, and I haven't been able to completely eliminate the seams. I'm not exactly an expert though, so if someone else wants to try they'd be welcome to.

    The mod isn't showing up in the list in game.
    It won't. There isn't a plugin for the mod, it's just textures and a few meshes.

    This mod broke my game!
    That's highly unlikely, since it just replaces textures and a few meshes.

    My NPCs have black faces.
    This is not caused by TCM. It is caused by other mods that directly edit specific NPCs. Either that mod is missing the FaceGen meshes & textures for those NPCs, or you have another mod that is overwriting them.

    Can you make it look more/less ____?
    I did not make the textures in the first place, so no, I can't.

    This mod is dead! It needs an update!
    There is nothing to update. It works fine, and requires zero maintenance. Even when the game updates, this mod will still work.
  2. RudyTheNinja
    • member
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    2019, is this mod still good?
    As in it gives a big punch in a light zip file, any others that could replace this one (if any)?
    1. Oblivionplayer437
      • supporter
      • 1,612 posts
      • 40 kudos
      Yes, it is still very good, in my opinion.
    2. StevetheKoala
      • member
      • 100 posts
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      It probably covers the most ground and looks decent. If you want to just download one thing and be done with NPC appearance, this is still probably your best choice. If you want great looking characters and NPCs, there are much, much better options out there, including but not limited to the Tempered Skin series, The Eyes of Beauty, Superior Lore Friendly Hair and much, much more. For an all in one pack, consider Diversity. As Diversity edits NPCs however, it may require more patches to work with your load order, if you are running other mods that directly edit your NPCs.
  3. Oooiii
    • member
    • 781 posts
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  4. drrockzo86
    • member
    • 32 posts
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    I can't get this mod to work with the UNP body to save my life.
    1. Oblivionplayer437
      • supporter
      • 1,612 posts
      • 40 kudos
      Install UNP below TCM, so UNP overwrites any TCM files/assets. This works perfectly for me. Maybe check the UNP mod page, I vaguely remember there are some installation instructions there regarding this issue.
  5. MPSyt
    • member
    • 12 posts
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    I have a mod that adds a few new races and im doing a playtrough as a half elf, this mod makes me look super old. It seems to add some kind of lines going down from the nose around the mouth which makes my character loook super old and now i dont know how to fix it.
    1. Oblivionplayer437
      • supporter
      • 1,612 posts
      • 40 kudos
      Uninstall TCM makes it go back to normal?
  6. ItsJaxMan
    • member
    • 24 posts
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    My vampires eyes keep changing back to the default eyes from the variant eyes I'm selecting in RaceMenu after I load any save made after the eye change. Anyone had this bug and/or have a fix for it?
  7. veki
    • member
    • 196 posts
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    Probably the most simple and most effective mod available. And it indeed makes great makeover.

    However, what about old people, about the elderly. Such as witch Anise, who mentions how old she is, and she looks to be in 20s. 

    Is there a way to make elder people, old? Perhaps a mod compatible with this one, which changes only elder's faces?
    1. XenolithicYardZone
      • member
      • 252 posts
      • 15 kudos
      Try 'Consistent Older People'.
  8. Jakeipoo1
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    I'm experiencing a glitch where my character has no eyes. Only my character. All NPCs have eyes but I just have empty holes where my eyes would be. I have used many eye mods to see if they would help and none of them work. Somehow, when I equip an Apachii Skyhair my character has eyes. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    1. soundwave765
      • member
      • 6 posts
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      I'm experiencing this problem as well. Unfortunately I'm not the one to give answers; I'm just going to wait for a response here as well.
    2. K41xAU
      • member
      • 1 posts
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      I am also having this issue, every race except for Khajit and Argonian are affected.
      Going from the Mod Author's comments about how this has no reason to be updated, I'm starting to think it's an issue with the new Apachii hairs.

    3. Zenruin
      • supporter
      • 15 posts
      • 1 kudos
      Hey there! I had the same issue, but the fault is actually with the Racemenu mod. I'll just copy / paste what Flamefury15 said to do to fix it. Worked for me!
      "Expired (the creator of Racemenu) forgot to disable the currently buggy and nonfunctional Face Overlays in the latest update, which is causing a ton of visual bugs, such as the aforementioned missing eyes.

      You don't need to downgrade to an older version, you can fix this yourself by disabling the face overlays. Find the SKSE/Plugins folder, inside the Racemenu mod. In this folder, you should find a file called skee64.ini. Open it with a text editor (I usually use NotePad for this) go to the [Overlays] section and set bEnableFaceOverlays=1 to bEnableFaceOverlays=0."
    4. jvandyne33
      • premium
      • 63 posts
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      NIce! had the same problem this worked, thanks!
    5. JaPaulo
      • member
      • 1 posts
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      It worked for me as well, thanks!
    6. ICBUDI
      • member
      • 11 posts
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      @zenruin Thank you so much for that quick easy fix! It got me back the missing eyes and this weird graphical glitch when in 3rd Person when using Apachii Skyhair and Ks Hairdos. Now I can get back to designing some presets for various playthroughs I have thought up.
    7. SlyWolfe
      • member
      • 1,260 posts
      • 16 kudos
  9. pearlite1
    • supporter
    • 2 posts
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    I can confirm that this mod does not give the black head/grey head bug. Try disabling your hair mods and using different ones.
  10. yunage
    • member
    • 1,246 posts
    • 17 kudos
    A number of sliders have jumbled up, affecting the wrong facial feature. Anyone know what causes this? Assuming it can't be a bug.
  11. Gankaku
    • supporter
    • 1,216 posts
    • 9 kudos
    I just wanted to post here about this mod. This playthrough was the first time I used this one. I never thought I'd make a Breton because they just look awful to me. But this time I made a mage and wanted a Breton so I was determined! I made her vanilla the best I could, one that I guess I'd be okay playing if I had to stay vanilla. Then I decided to try this mod, thinking that I'd probably have a lot of stuff to fix. As soon as I added this mod, my character went from vanilla-blah to absolutely perfect! I haven't changed anything about her since I loaded TCM. I also love how the other characters look. Jenassa's (my follower) skin looked better and she has some cool face tattoos.

    My last playthrough I had various face, eyes, brow mods just to get a decent character. Just wanted to drop a line about how much I love this and I'd absolutely use it again.