Skyrim Special Edition


  1. Scarla
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    Please read this and the mod description before posting or messaging me.

    I will be providing little to no support for this mod. The mod is pretty simple and should work fine out of the box. I encourage people to help each other in the comments though, if need be.


    I'm having trouble downloading the file.
    The site is getting a lot of traffic. Give it some time, or maybe try downloading manually instead of using a mod manager.

    I don't see any difference.
    Make sure you have the files in the Data folder of your Skyrim Special Edition -- not the Data folder of your original Skyrim installation.

    I don't like it.
    Then you don't have to use it. Mods like this one are completely subjective.

    Can I use this with EEO/CCBE/etc.?
    Yes. You should install those mods over top of this one so they overwrite the files.

    Can you put this up for Xbox One or on Bethesdanet?
    A lot of the resources I've included are from modders who do not want their stuff uploaded anywhere but on the Nexus. So there will probably never be an Xbox One version of this particular compilation.

    What's that line on the neck?
    The body and head textures are separate files, and I haven't been able to completely eliminate the seams. I'm not exactly an expert though, so if someone else wants to try they'd be welcome to.

    The mod isn't showing up in the list in game.
    It won't. There isn't a plugin for the mod, it's just textures and a few meshes.

    This mod broke my game!
    That's highly unlikely, since it just replaces textures and a few meshes.

    My NPCs have black faces.
    This is not caused by TCM. It is caused by other mods that directly edit specific NPCs. Either that mod is missing the FaceGen meshes & textures for those NPCs, or you have another mod that is overwriting them.

    Can you make it look more/less ____?
    I did not make the textures in the first place, so no, I can't.

    This mod is dead! It needs an update!
    There is nothing to update. It works fine, and requires zero maintenance. Even when the game updates, this mod will still work.
  2. YukiIka78
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    What is the name of the plugin? i can't seem to find it on the plugins list or in LOOT, i need to see if it is loaded before or after a serana overhaul, she has the "dark face" glitch going on and i tried the creation kit "fix" and it did not work, so i just need to know what the plugin name is so i can fix it.
  3. Asty552
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    Hello, friend
    I want to install this mod, but I have a doubt, do I have to start a new game once I've installed this mod?

  4. Joshua8D5
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    my characters eyes are gone when this is enabled. Anything I can do to fix it?
  5. organistic
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    Does this conflict with CBBE?
    1. Stankybawls
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      I have used them both together and had no problems. I let this overwrite CBBE. Seemed to work fine.
  6. teiibei
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    FEMALE ORC head texture is bugged, causing a big black line on the back of their heads, VERY visible when using one of the many short-cut hairstyles.

    Visible in the above screenshots, caused by the head texture for orc female of this mod.

    Any fix in sight?
  7. Falkloy
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    For those people who have a problem with this mod and CBBE body.
    You can open the 7z archive with this mod and delete unnecessary folders (meshes,textures,...) or delete unnecessary things in these folders (bodytexture,bodymeshes,...). Сreate a new archive with the changes made and install in your mod organizer or what do you use.
    I know you can just put the mod above CBBE and it will overwrite this mod but CBBE overwrite only body.
    Hands, feet and head remain from this mod, along with their meshes.
    So if you want to customize this mod for yourself (you already have meshes from armor replacer or you have replace just head or someone else) this tip is for you.

    Google translator helped me write this and I hope I helped you.
  8. TJwolf123
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    I'm going to assume this isn't compatible with UNP bodies or Racemenu so I'm just gonna temporarily disable this until there's a patch.
    1. tataunka346
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      It works with both. Just place UNP below it and you're good. I always use this as a base for all my beautification stuff.
  9. RolandPryzbylewski
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    All this mod does is make people's faces younger and sexier. Breaks the immersion when everybody looks like a f***ing model.
    1. b3ast1e
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       The author has 65,000 endorsements, your complaint will not alter anything about this mod one tiny bit. People like pretty PCs, you're not one of them. So what?
    2. COOKIE123642
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      My god you are so disgustingly entitled. Who the fk do you think you are? You went on to a website where extremely generous people share their work for absolutely free and you have the fkin audacity to go and *censored* about something you dont like. No one forced you to download anything. Take that silver spoon out of your ass.
    3. BryanJackkison
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      Buddy go download Windsong. That mod is specifically for people like you. I personnally enjoy a High Fantasy look because its not earth its Nirn. These are not humans these are Nords, Bretons, Redguards, lizards, cats, and Elves. Its not earth so it cant be immersion breaking these are fanatical powerful Races that are all stronger, faster, and should be better looking than we are. Periot.
    4. Giever2k16
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      RolandPryzbylewski "To each their own" however i do understand how you feel. It also frustrates me how society got most people thinking beauty is this boring blemish free, symmetrical, and no oddities display. Lol I'll leave it at that, i love nexus and my account. I'm by all means not taking shots at mod creator(s).
    5. hammersmith3049
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      They're entitled to voice an opinion.
    6. Sun74
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      People play Skyrim how they want to play it, it's been like that since 2012 get over it, if you don't like a mod then don't install it 

      @hammersmith3049 people can voice their opinions and other people can criticise them for their opinions, especially if it's just pure hate
    7. Exarchai
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      Some of these replies are honestly way more toxic than the original comment lol
    8. Pandanimals
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      100% agreed, Exarchai. Cookie's comment is way more "hate" than the original comment.
    9. Ygnlight16
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      the people that responded , yall mofos need lives lol
    10. Nexuslord10
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      You do realise that you ALSO responded right? just saying lol
  10. gwmbox
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    Can I ask what hair and other NPC mods people are using with TCM?
  11. kumquat88
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    Excellent mod, thank you!! Would love an option with much lighter makeup if you get around to it someday. Gerdur's makeup would make drag queens gag for sure