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A simple QOL SKSE plugin that would pop up a confirmation window once you try to sell some important items to prevent misclick operations.

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This mod only supporting game version v1.5.97, Get the v1.6+ supportings here.

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Issues Descriptions

You might meet such kind of annoyed situation during your gameplay: When you are selling booty to the merchant, you misclicked a precious item that you are currently equipped or added to favourite within the dozens of booty you want to sell, then you have not choice  only have to repurchase it back at a higher price, and that probably cost you more than the profit you gained from all of those sold booty! What a distear, isn't it?

Mod Introduction

To prevent the occurrence of such awkward situation above again, Double Check Before Selling was created!
To eliminate your misclick operations during selling, a confirmation window would be pop out to ask you if sure to continue the deal when selling these three type of items:

1. Equipped Items:
Weapon,Armors, clothing, jewelry, etc that the player character are currently equipped.
You can disable the confirmation window showing by set  
EnableCheckForEquipped = false  in  "SKSE\Plugins\DoubleCheckBeforeSelling.ini".

2. Favourited Items:
Items that you had added to the favourite menu.
You can disable the confirmation window showing by set  
EnableCheckForFavourited = false  in  "SKSE\Plugins\DoubleCheckBeforeSelling.ini".

3. Unique Items:
Custom enchantment items that crafted by player on arcane enchanter workbench.
You can disable the confirmation window showing by set  
EnableCheckForUnique = false  in  "SKSE\Plugins\DoubleCheckBeforeSelling.ini".

About Essential Favorites

powerofthree's essential favorites completely hide your favorited items during barter, which also prevent you from selling it, which is great. However, there are still two things the mod doesn't resolve: 

1. If you marked a iron sword to favourites, but you also had 10 same iron swords in your inventory, you wanna to sold 9 but leave 1, then you have to unfavourited the sword first to do that.

2. It doesn't cover the items player are currently equipped but not set to favourites, either for those custom enchantment items player crafted.

It's recommonded you to set  No Bartering = false  in "po3_EssentialFavorites.ini" if using together with po3 's essential favorites.

  • mrowrpurr for his codes example from his "Papyrus MessageBox - SKSE NG"
  • Parapets for generously sharing his precious findings and codes about scaleform and ActionScript, which became the base of this plugin.
  • Fenix and Vermunds for gave me useful tips on scalefrom and ActionScript
  • People from xSE RE discord channel.