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This mod aims to repopulate Haafingar by adding several small settlements, aiming for more immersion and more interesting gameplay in the province.

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Haafingar Expanded

Have you thought how did the nords manage to build so much without a single stone quarry? Did you ever wonder how does the trade keep running without trade posts? Did you wonder why are there so many roads that lead to nowhere? Did you wonder how does the population of Skyrim manage to live on a dozen or so farms?

This mod aims to address these question in relation to the Haafingar hold, attempting to provide an immersive "economy" which will give the hold some production capabilities, and at least partially outline a potentially sustainable production for the Haafingar hold. Also, it makes the hold look far less desolate and abandoned, which makes exploring it feasable even with frostfall and other survival mods.

Currenly Contains:
Hroggar Quarry

The main source of stone for maintanance of structures in the hold, as well as supplier of all major constructions in Solitude. The relatively smalll scale of the operation and average quality of the quarried stone means that the local produce is only chisled into fine stone at the destination. The stone is exported on large horse-drawn carts to Solitude, returning with food, supplies and payement.

Pinefrost Hunting Lodge

The lodge was originally built as a shelter for the weary travelers on the dangerous Northern Road, yet as travelers declined in number, the owners tunred to hunting instead, as the nearby sheltered valleys are filled with wild animals, allowing for a steady source of meat and furs. Some of the game is then processed in the lodge itself, while most is sold in Solitude. 

Northcoast Trading Post

A trading post on the edge of the Northern Road,  with its own harbour, Trade Comapny and a small tavern serves as the first and last respite that Skyrim has to offer for those travelling from High Rock to Solitude, whether by land or sea. Due to the limited trade that actually stays at Nortcoast, the settlement also relies on fishing and livestock to make a living. The distance from Solitude also means that the settlement has a relatively large autonomy on the captial, which is why many smugglers choose Northoast as the place to re-supply and sell their goods in contrast to Solitude itself.

Kjardarr's Farm

A small farm not far from Dragon Bridge, isolated from the troubles of the world around, it stands as a testament to the happier times before the Great War. Most of the farm's produce is consumed by its owners, with the surplus being sold in Dragon Bridge, and occasionally on the market in Solitude.
Ignar's and Knut's Camps

With the lush pinewoods of Haafingar being second only to  those in Falkreath. woodworking is perhaps the biggest source of income in the rural areas of the hold.  Ignar and his people are currently camped in the valley around Clearpine Pond, with the wood they cut beign transported by cart to Solitude and its Sawmill, while Zhalti camps on the dangerous borders with Reach, it uses the river Karth, to transport the cut pines to Solitude's sawmill. The wood is mainly used locally in Solitude, but is also shipped by sea to the barren areas on the frozen Northern Coast, such as Dawnstar and Winterhold.


Will conflict with anything that edits the areas used by this mod, currently I am aware of:

  - Haafstad and the Border of High Rock - a patch is available under the optional files

  - RS Children - there are several black faced children - a patch is available here.
 -  USSEP 


Use the NMM or extract the contents of the .rar into your SSE/data directory.


In the long run, I plan to connect this mod with my other mod, the Solitude Expansion, creating joint quests to add content to this largely remote and forgotten hold. I also plan to do similar mods in other holds, giving emphasis on what produce is likely to be most efficent in that area.

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