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Ever wonder why as a paragon of the species, the Vampire Lord was unable to cast any Illusion spells? This adds two VL compatible spells (can only be added with console commands, unfortunately) to the list of Night Powers.

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This mod adds two basic utility/role play illusion spells able to be used by the Vampire Lord:

  1. "Undead Charm" - Basically the same as the "Pacify" spell

  2. "Night's Embrace" - Invisibility/Muffle combo.*

* Added optional download for a "Lesser Power" version instead of a spell.


Download with NMM or Manually (place in your Skyrim SE Directory "Data" folder. Enable mod in NMM, etc.)

As of this moment, these two spells can ONLY be added through console command.

  1. Press the tilde key ' ~ ' to open up the console (top left of keyboard)

  2. Type "Help [Name of Spell]. (Example: "Help Embrace," or "Help Charm")
  3. Search by pressing "Page Up/Down" through the list of items
  4. Find spell ID's
  5. Type "Player.addspell [Spell ID] and press Enter
  6. Message should appear top left if you were successful
  7. Apologies for the hassle.