Skyrim Special Edition
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This mod changes the civil war so you feel like a soldier in civil war and not a character completing a questline.

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This mod changes the civil war so you feel like a soldier in civil war and not a character completing a questline. When you complete the Battle for Whiterun quest you will return to Windhelm or Solitude and talk to Legate Rikke or Galmar Stone-Fist and they will be your commander. Once you speak with your commander you will travel together to a Military Camp and once you arrive you can start the quest for that hold. And after you taken the hold you will return to your commander and get your reward and then travel to the next hold together and so on. The traveling feature makes you in the civil war feel like a soldier since you need to travel in packs. And after every hold is capture you do not need to report to Ulfric Stormcloak or General Tullius anymore and instead report to your commander. Also you will get four followers which will be apart if your division and these followers can join you in the battles and your travels in the civil war. But these followers are not essential and can die. To help keep the followers alive you can give them healing potions before entering combat and fight aside them like brothers would in battle to keep then alive. You can easily get healing potions and ingredients to create healing potions form healers that are now at every  Military Camp. If a member of your division dies a message will pop up notifying you. And for those in your division who survive till the end of the war will return home and you can visit then after the war and even stay with them at their home and get a key to their house. This mod also includes Civil War Healers built into it so do not use  Civil War Healers with this mod. And if you want to use my Civil War Extended mod along with Civil War Commanders download the Civil War Commanders And Extended mod here instead since Civil War Commanders and Civil War Extended conflict with one another. Civil War Commanders also works great with my other Civil War mods such as Civil War AmbushesCivil War Longer Camp SetupCivil War Quartermasters, and Civil War Uniform to make the civil war more realistic and enjoyable. If you want the Skyrim 2011 version go here

Skyrim Special Edition

To install just download then extract folder and drag plugin, and bsa into your data folder.