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A personal patch that mixes Veydosebrom with the 3D pine grass and 3D clovers from Cathedral - 3D pine grass. Best used for Majestic Landscapes - Complex Parallax.

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The latest edition of Majestic Landscapes suggests using Veydosebrom with Cathedral 3D Pine grass overwriting it. But then I personally started missing some things that veydosebrom adds. However I wasn't huge on the pine grass style that Veydosebrom went for in the pine regions. So I added some assets from Cathedral 3D Pine grass, some flowers, the pine grass and the 3D clovers to mix nicely with Veydosebrom. The results were quite good!


  • Install Cathedral - 3D pine grass not the full 3D coverage
  • Then install Veydosebrom Regions and pick whichever option you prefer. (Depending on if you use complex grass or not) I personally recommend going for 1K textures, the dense option and the default INI settings (You can always pick a different INI you prefer)
  • Optional to go to  ENB Complex grass - Patch Compendion and install the complex grass patch for 3D pine grass and personally I picked the 1k option again
  • Strongly recommended to use this with Majestic Landscapes - Complex Parallax for the optimal blend
  • Load order:
  • Cathedral - 3D Pine grass
  • Veydosebrom Regions (the veydosebrom.ini must win from 3d pine grass for the correct density)
  • Veydosebrom - 3D Pine grass patch


  • Performance is the same to that of Veydosebrom. So no loss there. It highly depends on your hardware-setup and I can't give you an accurate measurement. You can change the ini settings from Veydosebrom and play around to get the optimal visuals/density
  • Personally I run a Ryzen 7700X with a RTX 2080 and 32G DDR5 Ram. I have no heavy performance hit and I Can run around in the pineforest easily with 60 FPS capped.

Happy modding!