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Add perk points to your character (through Papyrus or console commands) without SKSE.

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Add Perk Points

This will allow adding a specific number of perk points to your character at any time using in-game console commands. Does NOT require SKSE.

Use from the in-game console:

Make sure AddPerkPoints.esp is checked in your mod list.

Press the '~' key on your keyboard to bring up the in-game command console, and then type the following lines (hitting Enter after each line):

SetStage APHundredsQ X
SetStage APTensQ Y
SetStage APOnesQ Z
SetStage AddPerkPointsQ 1

Where X = the number of hundreds to add, Y = the number of tens to add, and Z = the number of ones to add.

So for example, to add 142 perk points you would type the following lines (hitting Enter after each line):

SetStage APHundredsQ 1
SetStage APTensQ 4
SetStage APOnesQ 2
SetStage AddPerkPointsQ 1

NOTE: You can leave out any of the first three lines to make it easier. For example to just add ten perk points, enter these lines:

SetStage APTensQ 1
SetStage AddPerkPointsQ 1

To make this EVEN EASIER you can add the commands to a text file and save it in your main Skyrim Special Edition folder where the game executable resides. Name the text file something like "AddPerks.txt" so you know what it is.

Then from the in-game console you can just type "bat AddPerks" (no quotes) to run any combination of the above commands saved in the file. I have included a couple sample bats for adding 10 or 100 perks in the optional download section.

Other Notes:

The game only allows you to have a maximum of 255 unspent perks. Spend some if you want to add more. Nothing bad will happen if you add more than you are allowed to have, other than it just capping you at 255 and ignoring the rest.