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Basically a suggestion for a fantasy retweak of ultimate immersion' s ReEngaged CLF preset

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First of All

Let me to introduce you to that page, this is not a " preset " but a RETWEAK of an existing preset that have a quite intresting story
the file shared are only .ini files that even a blind monkey could build as it's own, but they fit my taste so i'm sharing them and they
must be taken like a my PERSONAL opinion about an existing preset, something such like

" If you set this parameter to that value the games looks better for me, if you have this particular preset "

So i think i do not deserve any credit for it, i was minding to share just the single tweaks line for line, but i decide to
upload ini ready files to override just because i wont be discouragin in the face of players that had never tweaked an ENB
for this i must really say thanks to firemanaf & TreyM that helpd me making this in a good way for all so we mention them as they deserve.

A special thanks to

firemanaf & TreyM

For giving the solid foundation where this file have taken place, all the fx used comes from them

Ultimate Immersion

Creating the preset that i'm going to retweak and giving a clear video tutorial where explain how to install it


This aims to be a way to take out what i like from Re Engaged CLF preset and what i do not like from this file, however expecially in sunny days even if enb it's the same the cromatic difference is huge

This Retweak is going to make your skyrim bightfull, colorfull, heavily saturated a way a little cartonish, it's not a search of realism but of my personal eye pleasure, i find that in this way the game is way less washed out and the backgound in the distance have new importance

- Mountains have a blue tint in they're shadows, reinforcinf the atmospheric prespective -
- earthen colden filter is visible only in the long distances and it's way less foggy -
- the game have a green component really minimal and is mostly orange - yellowgreen - cyan like -
- removed noise and sharpening as long as i suggest firmanaf AA settings -
- Lenz effect are no more killing your eyes and it's yoused in a very soft way -
- looks very warm, but the snow areas are still cold for the blue tint -


my equipment & monitor settings

CORSHAIR 1600 Mhz 4GB x 4
Interl Core i7 2490k 3.5 Ghz

Samsung Led tv 32"

Image mode : Standard

Backlight     14
Constrast     80
Color           50
brightness    45
sharpness     50

tint    V50/R50


Uninstall every trace of your ENB preset and your weather mod

Install Dolomites weather vivid preset from version 2.0

" dolomites wheather - NLVA II "

Follow this video till the end ignoring the part that involve weather mods and the tweaking at the end

Have you did it ? well now you should endrose Re-Engaged & CLF enb presets since you are using both and support theyre pages and work
cosider it like a requiements

After it copy my files in your skyrim special edition folder and Override

Open the game, load a template save and type console

set gamehour to 12
fw 10e1f2

press end key, open the color correction tag and tweak the brightness if you find that it's too much
( I find that can really change from monitor to monitor )


          This ENB TWEAKS looks to fantasy, please change it !                                                                      Do it for yourself
        This ENB TWEAKS isnt good because this or those reasone                      Use another config/preset/whaever you like
           This ENB TWEAKS have some iusses whit some lightsource                send a bugreport to the page, but please details   
there will not be compatibility whit other weather mods, but you are free to try this at your own "risk" in that case
the worst thing that could happen it's that the game look ugly and weired