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A fun mod to make NPCs fart. Configurable with MCM. ESL flagged.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
A mod to make the NPCs of Skyrim more flatulent, with a variety of reactions from up to three nearby NPCs. All reactions are completely random to give variety. I've tried to give certain voice types different personalities. For example, guards are more likely to find it funny and not care what anyone thinks, where some voice types will be sorry and excuse themselves. Children will usually think farts are hilarious, where haughty Elves might find them disgusting and tell everyone exactly what they think.

Full List of Features

  • Farts for all vanilla voice types and selected unique voice types including DLCs.
  • Silent farts (with reactions).
  • NPC sleep farts (can be disabled in MCM).
  • Guard banter and fart jokes.
  • Dog farts (can be disabled in MCM).
  • Goat farts (can be disabled in MCM).
  • Horse farts (can be disabled in MCM).
  • Selected follower voice types will fart when the player is sneaking with whispered comments. (can be disabled in MCM).
  • Some gender/race/location specific comments.
  • More than 40 random fart sounds with some specific to being seated.
  • Slider in MCM to control the frequency of farts, configurable between 1 and 24 hours. Default is 6 hours.
  • Double Enders - MaleBrute and MaleDrunk voice types have a chance of doing a 'Double Ender' - a burp and a fart at the same time.

The mod covers all vanilla voice types for farts and comments (to varying degrees). No voice cloning has been used for the comments, all dialogue is made using assets included in the game files. This means some NPCs will have more comments and some will have only one or two lines as I'm limited to what's available.

A limited number of followers will fart when sneaking with whispered comments if they use any of the following voice types;

  • FemaleYoungEager
  • MaleYoungEager
  • MaleEvenToned
  • MalevenTonedAccented
  • MaleNord
  • MaleDrunk

The whispered comments are made using a shared generic voice so they may not match exactly every voice type. They can be disabled in the MCM.

Some NPCs have fart sounds only but other NPCs will still react to them if close enough.

Also included are the following voice types from Dragonborn and Dawnguard;


  • Fura (Farts only)
  • Valerica (Farts only)
  • Dexion
  • Florentius
  • Isran (Farts only)
  • Serana
  • Female Dark Elf Commoner
  • Frea
  • Male Dark Elf Commoner
  • Male Dark Elf Cynical
  • Adril
  • Modyn

Plus the following unique voice types;


  • Astrid
  • Delphine
  • Karliah
  • Maven
  • Mirabelle
  • Vex
  • Brynjolf
  • Cicero
  • Delvin
  • Galmar
  • Kodlak (Farts only)
  • Nazir

Questions and Comments

  • Does the player fart? - No, this mod only affects NPCs.
  • Can you make farts more/less frequent? - Read the description.
  • Can you make the farts louder/quieter? - No.
  • Is a new game required? - No, it can be installed mid-game.
  • Is it safe to uninstall? - The mod contains several scripts so uninstalling mid-save is not recommended.
  • Can you make it so people turn green, do funny animations and other outlandish requests? - No.
  • Sometimes there is a delay between the fart and the comments. - This can happen if another scene is running, for instance if NPCs are talking to each other.
  • Is it compatible with....? - I don't foresee any compatibility issues, it's been thoroughly tested with no issues reported as yet.
  • I don't like it - farts are disgusting. - That's fine, just don't use the mod

There's a rare vanilla bug with new dialogue not firing after installing a mod. If you don't hear any farts and comments, just make a save and load it which should fix this if you encounter it.

Also bear in mind that if you change the timescale in your game, this will have an effect on how often the farts are triggered.

How It Works In Detail


Using the value set in the MCM (default is every 6 hours), The Fart Engine™ is triggered to make an NPC fart. A fart is chosen at random from a possible 39 (plus some variations in pitch and length). The same NPC will then (optionally) make a random comment, followed by up to three nearby NPCs also making random comments. Then the NPC that farted may also make a final comment.

Everything is random so you could easily get the same scene with totally different comments a few times in a row. Nearby NPCs are pulled into the scene by their voice type so again, comments will vary depending on NPCs that may be walking past or are nearby. Sleeping NPCs will not make comments.

Some NPCs will make comments specific to their job and location, for example Keerava will say 'get out of my inn!' randomly if an NPC farts in the Bee and Barb. Some NPCs will make comments depending on the farter's race or gender, or in some cases they'll use the NPC's name. Children that fart may trigger comments like 'you little wretch!' from certain NPCs.

Because of the random nature of the comments it's my hope that the mod will continue to surprise users with 100s of combinations of how scenes will play out.

If there are no NPCs in range (for example if your follower farts when you're out in the wilderness) then obviously there won't be any reactions from nearby NPCs.

Some NPCs have specific comments for animal farts if they're unlucky enough to be nearby when a beast farts.


Subhuman for help and support (and a lot of patience) with scripting.
Netherworks for help and advice.

Testers whose help is much appreciated - TaranisGonzeh / Yandros / Attila the Hun

Sound effects courtesy of Pixabay and Soundjay


SKSE and SKYUI are required if you want the MCM to function but the mod will work without them.

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