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Upgrades the base enchantment on the ring and adds a new effect.

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Buffs the base enchantment on the Ring Of Pure Mixtures and adds a new effect.

The vanilla Ring of Pure Mixtures is just a gold ring with the lowest Fortify Alchemy enchant. In other words, it's nothing special. So turning it in to Frida is no loss. You can replace the ring's effect with ease and the entire process becomes just another fetch-quest.

The ring is at the end of a dungeon where you fight a named-boss for the right to loot his chest. If you have to complete that task, the reward should be a prize not just a couple of training points or a crappy ring easily replaced with a trip to a random vendor. This mod corrects that nonsense and makes turning the ring in to Frida a much tougher choice. You may want to at least hang on to the ring until you master all the alchemy perks.


  • Buffs potions/poisons by 25% instead of the vanilla 12%.
  • Adds a new effect. While wearing the ring all negative effects are removed from created potions, and all positive effects are removed from created poisons. This is the same effect as the top-tier perk from the vanilla alchemy tree (Purity)*. You get a message that the effect is applied when you equip the ring. When you unequipped the ring the effect is removed but I don't display a message.

Since the ring is named Pure Mixtures I think it should allow you to produce pure mixtures. The first time I saw the name of the ring back in
2011 I just assumed when I equipped it my potions/poisons would be pure. It's in the freaking name. I was sadly disappointed.

The ring can still be turned in to complete the quest at anytime.

If you want to see if it's working, go to a crafting menu and choose a potion that has both good and bad effects in vanilla Skyrim (see Google). With the ring on, the unwanted effects are gone from the description. With the ring off they come back. This of course assumes you don't already have 100 in Alchemy and the vanilla Purity perk. In which case, why the oblivion are you toting this ring around? Give it back to that poor old woman. She lost her husband for Talos' sake.

Use a mod manager.

Use a mod manager.

If you don't want to use a mod manager ask Google how to manually ruin your Skyrim game by trying to manage mods manually.

*The vanilla perk (purity) is not altered or applied to the player. Instead a new custom and hidden perk (Soul of the Alchemist) is added to the player when the ring is equipped and removed from the player when the ring is unequipped (the same way the game handles the Silver Perk for vanilla Silver Swords).  This way it should be compatible with overhauls like the fantastic and must have Ordinator.