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Lost Heritage is a Bloodborne inspired quest with 3 brand new locations, incredibly high quality voice acting and multiple endings.

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  • Mandarin
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Lost Heritage

  • I've always wanted the dark and dreary atmosphere of Bloodborne within Skyrim, along with its incredible combat, bosses and quests. Lost Heritage attempts to remedy part of that wish and adds in a quest heavily inspired by Bloodborne. This mod will add in a quest about uncovering the heritage of a girl named Mal, she will ask you to investigate parts of her past and possible future. These encounters and objectives will all culminate in you having to make an incredibly hard choice by the end of the mod, determining the ending of the quest.


  • High quality voice acting. Both VAs within the mod, Elizabeth Plant and Jake MacDonald have done an incredible job with voicing their respective characters. Combined they have 100s of hours of voice acting experience and have worked on countless Skyrim mods.

  • Unique and mysterious questline. Lost Heritage follows Mal, a girl seeking to learn the truth of her birth and who her parents really are. The quest will take you to 3 seperate, brand new locations, all made to an incredibly high standard. The questline itself is intriguing and mysterious, it leaves the player with countless questions and ideas that will be answered as you progress through the quest. These questions will all culminate in the player making an incredibly hard decision which will lead to two drastically different endings. The mod also has a semi-unique reward for the player to collect.

  • New additions. The mod features three brand new locations, all with a mysterious and creepy feel which can be felt through out the entire mod. There are many secrets within these locations, should you choose to look for them. The mod also adds in a journal written in the style of H.P. Lovecraft which will only ignite further questions within the player.

  • How do I start the quest?
A notice can be found within Dead Man's Drink. Patches should have been made for any mods altering the interior of Dead Man's Drink.
  • Can I install the mod mid-game?
Yes, you can!
  • Is the mod ESLed?
It is, thanks to CharderoTheLupe!

  • A huge thank you to both Elizabeth Plant and Jake MacDonald! The mod wouldn't be the same without either voice actor and I can't thank them enough for bringing the mod to life! You can contact Jake MacDonald at his Discord:
  • Thank you to everyone who continues to support my stuff!

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