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It's a Star Wars theme weapon mod ported from Skyrim:

Also thanks to SSE NIF Optimizor:

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It's a Star Wars theme weapon mod ported from Skyrim:

Also thanks to SSE NIF Optimizor:

Quoted from original mod:

5.5 Added my own saber light effects to the weapons themselves.  You don't need any rings or spells to make it work.  When you draw a saber
it will produce light automagically and disappear when you sheathe it.
 This effect with show up in your active magic effects only when a saber
is drawn.  Note, if you dual wield different colors, only the light
listed alphabetically will show.  Also, holding a torch in the off hand
will not show the saber light either.  Candlelight and Magelight work
fine though.
5.43 Fixed some of the new recipes pointing to the wrong prototype. Increased the magicka cost of the Force healing powers by
about a third. Slightly reduced the levels of the Force Ghosts by about
10%. Fixed some spelling mistakes.
5.42 Same as 5_41 but cleaned with TES5Edit, also included the log file for those interested in that sort of thing
5.41 Tweeked some of the leveled lists. Recommend running Wrye Bash.
5.4 Finally completed the new enchantments for all colors. Also Daedric
tier recipes now use Black soul gems and Dragon+ use Grand. There are
now Dragonbone prototypes! Added optional readme with the new recipes.
5.3b Greatly reduced the spell tomes found on Huantu's corpse.
5.3a Huantu starts dead.
5.3 Corrected the KoToR spells. 300 Magicka spells should no longer be
considered novice. Restoration spells will actually show up in your
spell list now. Also fixed some weapon and NPC level lists that had a
bad reference. Thanks to those that pointed this out to me. Moved the
dead Jedi from Bleakfall Barrow to the exit at Helgen (so he was killed
by an immortal dragon instead of some nameless drauger). This was done
for those people that don't like to start (or even do) the main quest.
This corpse is for those that want to play a Jedi/Sith from the start.
If you feel that this loot is OP, don't loot it. I did remove some of
the spell tomes he was carrying and changed his robes to novice.
5.2 Fixed the .ESM Master load order. Also in the middle of adding new
prototypes. Only Amethyst is done for now. I hope to work on this over
the holiday on Monday. Check tiers Dwemer, Ebony, and Dragonbone (yes an
actual 100+ recipe!)
5.1 Same as 5.0 except this file actually works.
5.0 Added dozens of new spells to both vendors. See towards the bottom of
the page for the full list, also available as a file for download.
Spells Adept and up will require proper skill to have available. Changed
the name of the Vendor in Whiterun. Added more to inventories of both
vendors. The available septums each vendor has is now level dependent.
Removed all spells from the forge, they are now solely on both venders.
Added Jedi / Sith codes to each book.
4.06 Reduced Force Ghosts effectiveness slightly, particularly at low levels. Added ingredients to
both Revans. Also increased the xp use of all Force Lightnings while
slightly increasing their magicka costs.
4.05 Fixed Force Ghosts not looking like Ghosts. Added Screenshots.
4.04 Added summon Force Ghost spells to both Revans, also finally changed the NPC weapons to use the new enchantments.
4.03 Minor update. Added 5 tiers of Force Lightning spell tomes to the forge
and both Revans. They are basically like a more damaging Sparks spell
except I also added the Slow effect (Since you can't add stagger to
concentration spells).
4.02 Fixed all recipes, including Ebony that I forgot to upgrade. Added Destruction to all Tempering recipes.
4.01 Finished adding one handed, two handed, and destruction to all the recipes
4.0 Latest release

This is the latest, and hopefully final version of this mod. I was playing
one of my toons the other day and was disappointed that I couldn’t use a
flame enchantment for my sith that uses only ruby crystals. After
cursing the day this nefarious mod designer was born, how dare he choose
orange for a flame enchantment (it made perfect sense at the time), I
realized that the nerfherder in question was in fact, myself. So I set
out to correct this huge oversight. I didn’t realize how large a project
this would become. Once I realized I would be duplicating every
enchantment for every color anyway, this gave me the chance to revisit
and redesign the enchantments themselves. The mod was missing key
effects like Banish, Fear, and Paralysis. Also many on the forums were
calling for stuff like Fiery Soul. Well I DO listen to the call of the
people (ok, not really but I want them in game too). I also invented a
handful of new unique enchantments. One downside to the new system is
that now this mod requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn. Let me repeat that:


I’m sorry for those that don’t have one or both of these expansions, but
several of the new enchantments require scripts and keywords from both
.esm masters. This also allowed me to ‘fix’ the keywords for Dragonscale
and Dragonbone weapons. The legendary edition has been out long enough
now that I think most folks that still play Skyrim have these by now. I
will, as always, keep the older versions of this mod available for those
that can’t use the new one, but from this moment on I will only support
version 4.0 and up.
Ok, with all that out of the way, since I was recreating the enchantments all over again anyway, I decided to change
the way they are obtained. They still can be crafted at the forge. But
they will now come in tiers, just like the weapon upgrades themselves.
So, at a novice skill level of under 20 (Iron) you will have access to
Fear (which includes Turn Undead since they are basically the same
effect anyway) and Soul Trap only. At skill level 20 (Steel) Fire,
Frost, and Shock become available. At skill level 30 (Orc) you get
Absorb Health, Magicka, and Stamina. And so on … The only exceptions are
the unique Daedric weapons you can craft that require them to be in
your inventory (Dawnbreader, Dragonbane, Ghostblade, and Mehurnes Razor)
are found under Daedric but these Prototypes have no skill requirement.
I did this because you can obtain these weapons at almost any level.
Also I added soul trap to Ghostblade and Mehurnes Razor, these weapons
just seem to fit with trapping souls. As of now there are new
enchantments up to skill level 90.
I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but my enchantments on average cost only about 10% of what
the vanilla Skyrim ones do. I did this because in the movies you never
see any Jedi/Sith ‘recharging’ weapons plus you will have to redo the
enchantment after each tier upgrade anyway. At last count there are now
30 enchantments!
The way I tend to play is I craft the same hilt in one and two handed versions and put the same enchantment on them and
just ‘pretend’ that they are the same weapon. (I originally did the same
thing with some katana/nodachi mods in Morrowind and Oblivion so I’ve
had this idea for a while). Therefore, I also redid the recipe
conditions so that it uses the higher of your one OR two handed OR
Destruction skill. I added destruction so that those playing pure mages
can still wield cool weapons. I will change the existing weapon recipes
to this as well, but for now only the prototype recipes are finished.
I have revisited some old options and have included filled soul gem
upgrading and also included a way to create empty soul gems. This is
also tiered, so check the forge every time your skill reaches a new tier
(30,40,50 …). All non - weapons will be under the misc category.
In order to fully use this mod you first need to forge a ‘Prototype’
weapon. All weapons named Prototype … are meant to be disenchanted at an
alter. Now that the enchantments are tiered you may get more mileage
out of using them first then disenchanting it when you reach the next
tier, but that is up to each player. All Prototype weapons have the same
stats as the tier they are crafted under, however they CANNOT be
tempered. Remember also that one and two handed weapons use different
enchantments. Two handed Prototypes will have the keywords ‘Flawless’
and ‘Greatsaber’. One handed weapons are just ‘Saber’. Once you have a
Prototype created you can then forge a ‘Training’ weapon. Training
weapons are the ones you enchant at the alter. Also, if your skill is
20+ you can upgrade under steel immediately before enchanting. Repeat
this if your skill is 30+ and on… You can either temper before or after
enchanting. None of the tempering recipes require Arcane Smithing.

Note - you can actually use any crafted hilt without enchanting it but the
blade will be invisible and it will not have any enchantment on it.

Prototype Recipes – Leveled ingot, firewood, leather strip, (flawless) Gemstone,
and one or more ‘extra’ ingredients depending on the enchantment.

For instance Fear requires bone meal. Those with more than one effect
require an ingredient per effect, so Fiery Soul requires a fire salt and
an empty soul gem.

Note – the Prototype recipes have as a condition the gemstone needed in addition to a skill requirement.
Therefore, you will not see any Prototype recipes if you don’t have any
gemstones in your inventory. If you want the listings to be more
manageable remove all the gemstones from your inventory that you don’t
plan on crafting with. Remember that Amethysts will also show Citrine
and Rubies will also show Padparadscha.

All recipes created at the forge that contain Soul Trap require ‘empty’ Soul Gems. All
enchanting at the Arcane Alter use ‘filled’ Soul Gems. Both Revans sell a
limited supply of both.
Recipes involving Soul Trap require a leveled empty soul gem. The tiers are Iron & Steel (Petty), Orc
& Dwemer (lesser), Elven & Glass (common), Ebony (greater),
Daedric(grand), and Dragon (black).
Note – regarding enchantments with Soul Trap. If the enchantment has more than one other effect, the
result is a Chaotic Soul Trap which only triggers 50% of the time like
Chaos weapons. So while the basic Soul Trap (under Iron) and even the
Fiery, Frosty, Shocking Soul (under Elven) work 100% of the time,
multiple effect ones like Chaos Soul and Lifetap which contain 4 effects
will only trigger 50% of the time. All the new custom enchantments
under Dwemer and the Daedric weapons are the normal 100% soul trap.
‘Training’ Recipe - Iron ingot, firewood (or Gold and Silver ingots), leather
strip, Centurion Dynamo Core, Dwemer Oil, (flawless)Gemstone, and
The only difference now between the ‘default’ hilts and the movie ones is that the default use firewood and the movie hilts use
gold/silver ingots.
Recipe Padparadscha (Pink) - (Flawless) Ruby, Corundum ingot
Recipe Citrine (Yellow) - (Flawless) Amethyst, Iron ingot
Tempering - Leveled Ingot (no more soul gems here, they are now the same as other weapons)
All weapons now follow a Jedi or Sith naming pattern. Remember you can
rename all weapons at the enchanting alter to whatever you want. A lot
of players forget this (including myself).

Ingot tier Sword/Great Value, Enchantment Requirements
Training/Minion (Iron) 50/100, Ench 1500 One/Two Handed 10
Initiate/Adept (Steel) 90/180, Ench 1750 One/Two Handed 20
Padawan/Acolyte (Orc), 150/300, Ench 2000 One/Two Handed 30
Knight/Assassin (Dwemer), 270/540, Ench 2250 One/Two Handed 40
Consular/Warrior (Elven/Moonstone), 470/940, Ench 2500 One/Two Handed 50
Sentinel/Marauder (Glass/Malachite), 820/1640, Ench 2750 One/Two Handed 60
Guardian/Lord (Ebony), 1440/2880, Ench 3000 One/Two Handed 70
Master (Daedric), 2500/5000, Ench 3250 One/Two Handed 80
Grand Master/Dark Lord (Dragonscale), 3000/6000, Ench 3500 One/Two Handed 90
Chosen One (Dragonbone), 4000/8000, Ench 3750 One/Two Handed 100

Most spells and spell names are taken from KOTOR1. I kept the vanilla spell
schools on effects. This is why spells like Force Whirlwind are in
Alteration (Paralysis costs more than Unrelenting Force damage). Almost
all use vanilla spell costs (Lower level Detect Life and Telekinesis
spells being the only expections). I decided to keep all five ranks of
Force Lightning since it is such an iconic part of SW lore (and fun for
all ages).

Spell School - Spell Base Cost - Light / Dark / Universal - Name - Effects

Alteration (All armor spells will be improved by the Mage Armor perks)
Novice 48 L - Force Stun - Paralyze 1s, Slow 50 - 9s
Novice 105 L - Force Aura - Oak Flesh, Resist Magic 5 - 45s
Apprentice 48/s U - Force Sense - Lower cost Detect Life.
Apprentice 63/s U - Force Pull - Telekinesis, Damage Health 2, Damage Stamina 5
Apprentice 116 U - Force Whirlwind - Unrelenting Force 2, Paralysis 2s
Apprentice 164 L - Force Stasis - Paralyze - 4s
Apprentice 206 L - Force Shield - Stone Flesh, Resist Magic 10 - 45s
Adept 100/s U - Knight Sense - Adds machines and daedra over Force Sense
Adept 296 L - Force Armor - Iron Flesh, Resist Magic 15 - 45s
Adept 327 U - Force Wave - Unrelenting Force 3, Paralyse 5s - 25 radius
Expert 148/s U - Master Sense - Adds Undead over Knight Sense
Expert 389 L - Force Aegis - Ebony Flesh, Resist Magic 20 - 45s
Expert 405 U - Stasis Field - Paralysis 7s - 40 radius
Master 847 L - Force Dragonhide - Dragonhide, Resist Magic 25 - 27s

Novice 92 U - All Bound One Handed Sabers - 120s
Novice 107 U - Conjure Force Ghost - 60s
Novice 107 U - Dwemer Spider Worker Droid - 60s
Apprentice 157 U - Conjure Force Ghost - 60s
Apprentice 157 U - Dwemer Sphere Droid - 60s
Apprentice 168 U - All Bound Two Handed Sabers - 120s
Adept 215 U - Conjure Force Ghost - 60s
Adept 215 U - Dwemer Ballista Droid - 60s
Expert 322 U - Conjure Force Ghost - 60s
Expert 322 U - Dwemer Centurion Droid - 60s

Novice 18/s D - Force Wound - Poison Damage 10/s
Novice 33/s D - Force Lightning - Shock Damage 8/s, Slow 50
Novice 49 D - Force Slow - Slow 50 - 15s
Apprentice 54/s D - Force Choke - Poison Damage 20/s, Slow 50
Apprentice 54/s D - Drain Life - Drain Health/Magicka/Stamina 10/s
Apprentice 91/s D - Force Lightning - Shock Damage 25/s, Slow 50
Apprentice 51 U - Force Push - Unrelenting Force 3
Apprentice 71 D - Force Affliction - Poison Damage Health/Stamina 10, slow - 21s
Adept 124/s D - Force Kill - Poison Damage 50/s, Slow 50
Adept 158/s D - Force Lightning - Shock Damage 40/s, Slow 50
Adept 200 D - Force Plague - Drain Health/Magicka/Stamina 35, Slow - 12s
Expert 240/s D - Death Field - Drain Health/Magicka/Stamina 20/s - 25 radius
Expert 262/s D - Force Lightning - Shock Damage 60/s, Slow 50
Master 360/s D - Force Lightning - Shock Damage 75/s, Slow 50
Master 376/s D - Force Storm - Shock Damage 40/s, Slow 50 - 25 radius

Apprentice 111 U - Battle Meditation - Fortify Combat skills 25 (all allies within 100 radius)- 120s
Adept 165 U - Force Fade - Invisibility, Muffle - 15s
Expert 354 U - Force Camouflage - Invisibility, Muffle - 30s

Restoration (Most spells that heal health will also heal stamina with the Respite perk)
Novice 45 U - Affect Mind - Fortify Speech 20 - 30s
Novice 54 L - Force Valor - Reist Magic 10, Regenerate Health/Magicka/Stamina 10 - 30s
Apprentice 54 L - Force Heal - Restore Health 50 (all allies within 15 radius)
Apprentice 63 U - Energy Resistance - Resist Fire,Frost,Shock 10 - 30s
Apprentice 90 U - Force Speed - Regenerate Stamina 100, Fortify Carry Weight 50 - 30s
Apprentice 96 U - Dominate Mind - Fortify Speech 40 - 30s
Adept 149 L - Force Cure - Restore Health 100, Cure Poison (all allies within 15 radius)
Adept 161 U - Knight Speed - Regenerate Stamina 150, Fortify Carry Weight 100 - 30s
Adept 162 L - Knight Valor - Regenerate Health/Stamina/Magicka 20, Resist Magic/Poison 20 - 30s
Adept 245 U - Improved Energy Resistance - Resist Fire/Frost/Shock 20, Cure Poison/Disease - 30s
Expert 305 L - Master Valor - Regenerate Health/Stamina/Magicka 50, Resist Magic 25, Cure Poison - 30s
Expert 347 U - Master Speed - Regenerate Stamina 300, Fortify Carry Weight 200 - 30s

Exclusions from KOTOR1
All Droid spells - Paralysis doesn't work on Dwemer machines. Many Dwemer
ruins are heavily scripted so I didn't want to break quests.
Force Resistance / Force Immunity - Same as Ward spells
Force Suppression / Force Breach - Can't cancel buffs on NPC's
Throw Lightsaber - Not really needed in Skyrim (I am trying to get at least
the plasma part of the blade as a projectile, working on it)
Fear / Horror / Insanity - Illusion already has plenty of fear / frenzy spells