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Adds some defensive walls to the Heljarchen property.

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Protect your homestead. This mod adds defensive walls, gates and walk ways to Heljarchen Hall.

This is my first attempt at a landscaping kind of mod. It always bugged me a bit that the Hearthfire homes did not have any kind of defense against the varied dangers of Skyrim.  So I made this. Hope you like it.

It's here. Heljarchen walls are now completely craftable. Enjoy.

You can now choose to build either a stone or dwemer looking north wall. Also added some buildable stuff to the outdoor crafting area.

I've uploaded a guard mod to go with this one. It's called "Orlando's Heljarchen Guards".


Most likely it will conflict with any other mods that wall in the Heljarchen home. It could conflict with other mods that make big changes in the immediate area of the Heljarchen home.  I tried to keep it pretty compact, not to sure how well I succeeded.

I am currently using 'Heljarchen Farm' by Skvindt. When I finally loaded up the mod in game and went looking about, I noticed a few landscaping issues.  I made a quick patch and am pretty sure I got all the problem spots. If you also use 'Heljarchen Farm', this is my suggested load order:

Heljarchen Farm
Orlando's Heljarchen Walls
Orlando's Heljarchen Walls - Heljarchen Farm patch

That's all I can think of for now.


Wanted to put in a plug for Darkfox127 and his tutorial series of videos. Without them, I never would have figured out how to do
Darkfox127's YouTube

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Orlando's Heljarchen Guards
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