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Vanilla animation replacer for two-handed weapons, aiming to improve their animations while sticking close to vanilla style. 1st and 3rd person covered. FOV 105 for 1st person recommended.

Permissions and credits
Update (more like bugfix) 2.1:
- Unfucked sprint normal and power attacks for GS.
- Refined vanilla sprint normal and power attacks for Battleaxe&Warhammers. Seriously, compare it to vanilla, it's much smoother. 
- Fixed bad blade angle on battleaxe&warhammer backward power attack.
- Fixed missing footstep sounds on battleaxe&warhammer sprint in 3rd person.
- Slightly increased forward momentum on greatsword forward power attack in 1st person, compared to 3rd person. This is to make it more practical in combat. 

- Adjusted mod description and media to reflect the changes.
- Character now keeps more upright and less hunched over when moving with the weapon. 
- Replaced forward, standing, left, right and backwards power attacks for 3rd person.
- Replaced forward, standing and backward power attacks for 1st person.
- Once against improved normal attack animations, both for 1st and 3rd person POVs.
- Adjusted and replaced some of blocking animations. 
- Vastly improved 1st person run/walk and sprint animations. 
Battleaxe & Warhammer-specific:
- Improved normal attacks for both 1st and 3rd person. They do have more reach and feel like they got more power in the swing (hopefully, lol).
- Replaced forward power attack with something more suitable and simpler (1st and 3rd person).
- Slightly adjusted left/right vanilla power attacks, making character extend weapon further for better reach. 
- Slightly adjusted backwards power attack, improving spacing and body movement (idk, how to phrase it).
- Improved the run/walk and sprint animations for 1st person.
- Improved the jump animations slightly for 1st person.


This is animation replacer pack for two-handed weapons, aimed to differentiating greatswords from batteaxes&warhammers by giving both visually distinct animations. Nearly all related animations were either replaced or adjusted. Mod affects both 1st and 3rd person animations, keeping everything consistent across point of views. What it means? It means, for example, that forward power attack is a stab in both 3rd and 1st person perspectives. A lot of mods only touch either 1st or 3rd person animations, leading to inconsistency where one attack can look differently, depending if you are in 1st person or 3rd person perspective. That's not a problem with this mod. Please refer to the video to see what was changed. 

Following animations were changed:
- Idle and Movement. Character keeps sword on the shoulder. 
- Normal attacks. They are not strictly horizontal and are a bit diagonal.
- Power attacks. Stab, upward slash, nearly 270 degree horizontal, vertical slam - pick what you like. 
- Blocking. Nothing fancy here. 
- Jumping. 
- Normal attacks. Now character will perform deadly overhead attacks, that have bit more reach than vanilla, but easy to dodge by moving sideways. 
- Power attacks. Only forward and backward ones were replaced, others were adjusted a bit.
- Jumping. 
- Blocking. 

FOV 105 for 1st person recommended. 

- Animation Motion Revolution - Mandatory
- Open Animation Replacer´╗┐ - Mandatory. Sorry, but Dynamic Animation Replacer won't do. It doesn't have one of conditions that OAR has (isBlocking()). 
- Precision - Optional, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

Via any Mod Manager. 

Should be compatible with anything, that doesn't touch two-handed weapon animations. Otherwise either mine or other mod will overwrite the other, depending on load order. Better not mix animations from 2 and more mods for 1 weapon type for 1st person view. In that case stagger bug might occur again. 


Thank you!