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Makes a small number of changes to worn outfits.

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This mod tweaks a number of things regarding NPC outfits. These tweaks include:

-Allows the player to be dressed in any of the four variants of the prisoner outfit instead of the generic beggar outfit.

-Added the missing topless with shoes prisoner outfit variant (women will never be topless).

-Changed Aela's outfit to Wolf Armor, as was originally intended according to unused dialogue.

-Changed the imprisoned Alik'r Warrior's outfit to a prisoner outfit (the topless with shoes variant).

-Changed the Windhelm argonian dock workers' outfits to miner outfits to better look the part of workers.

-Changed the outfits of various orc stronghold orcs from clothes to furs, as it didn't feel right to me that followers of Malacath would wear fabrics.

-Gave low level armor sets to followers Derkeethus, Annekke, Roggi, Sven, and Faendal, so that they will not be defenceless when first recruited (they are low level so that you can easily change their armor by giving them higher level gear, and because I felt they wouldn't be able to afford high level armors)

Note: As of version 2.0, most of these changes are made dynamically by a script. As a failsafe, the script can be rerun by activating the "Reassign Outfits" power. This should be done if you feel the script did not run like it was supposed to, or if another mod overrides these changes. (For example, users of Immersive Armors should rerun the script every time that mod reconfigures, e.g. when the message "Immersive Armors configuration has finished" appears, as that mod also dynamically alters outfits, and does so at a later point than this one.)