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Redone Main Menu Replacer for BronSolo2323 Animated Loading Screen with high quality assets.

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I love the idea behind Bronsolo's loading screen but I always wished it was in a higher resolution and with better assets, so I decided to make it myself. Downloaded a bunch of assets from sketchfab and made some myself in blender. 

Full credit goes to Bronsolo for the idea as the layout it basically the same so check his mod out:

Full disclaimer...
This is my first attempt at modding so hopefully it all works, I have simply made a couple edits in nifskope to the logo.nif and logo01ae.nif from Bronsolo's mod and added my own .dds file.

Image resolution is in 4k, also the stone doesn't move because idk how to do that but the flickering screen remains the same as in the original mod.