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Replaces the meshes in the Book of Silence with optimized Armor Mesh

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This is a HOT FIX file ONLY if you are using aMidianBorn's Book of Silence from Legendary Edition. 
After looking over the problem in Creation Kit when I saw this error in my own game while live streaming, I found that the male version of the Blades Armor mesh doesn't port to SE correctly. The mesh needed to be optimized for it to work properly.
This file fixes this error, and the mesh has been properly converted to SSE mesh

this file contains:
screenshot of problem area (optional- if you wish to remove Blades Armor Glitch.png from file it won't cause a problem)

Changelog 1.0: Some one brought it to My attention that I only uploaded the Male version Hotfix of the armor. that has been rectified with an update in the form of an optional file. If this is the FIRST time you are downloading this Hotfix, download both of these files. Follow instructions below.

Use NMM and overwrite (yes to all) when NMM tells you that the armor has been installed Book of Silence

Manual Install:
download manually, unzip. Copy "data" from mod and paste into your Skyrim Special Edition Game Folder. Overwrite when asked.

If you remove the Book of Silence this mod's files should also be removed as well. Files are located at Meshes/Armor/Blades

I do not know if someone else has created a hotfix file for this situation. If you are a mod author who has already done so contact Me directly and let Me know so I can remove this file.
I am only sharing this because it worked for Me to repair an error in My game and I thought other people may encounter this same problem.