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A patch to add restoring thirst and hunger effects to hunterborn's food.

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Adds "Reduces Thirst" and "Medium Meal" effect and other appropriately assigned effects to all of hunterborn's items INCLUDING the Soups and Stews Patch which i HIGHLY recommend.  Great for an immersive playthrough!  Must have if you have both of the original Mods.

Compatibility:  Compatible with everything unless some other patch changes or adds effects to hunterborn's food.

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This Patch.

If you complain about CTD when launching than its your own fault for not reading.
ALSO PLEASE NOTICE!!!! :  Within the Original Soups and Stews Mod there is an OCCASIONAL crash to desktop.  The author of hunterborn thinks it is from a texture mishap.  This is not due to this patch and this patch does not fix the issue.  The issue, again, is believed to be related to texture mishaps however no guarantee
No Scripts are Added Via this Mod and does not affect the functionality of 'Hunterborn' or 'RnD'; it just adds keywords from 'RnD' to 'Hunterborn'.

Credit to the original Mod Authors of Realistic Needs and Diseases All-In-One for USSEP and Hunterborn!  Endorse their files! DO IT!