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Combining armours in Blender

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Not much of a Texture artist right now, so Imma mess with Vanilla armours.

This one's a compound of Elven, Ebony and Tsun's armour. I hope to use something like this for my next follower mod.


  1. GTXFan
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    looks cool!
  2. Kadraeus
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    If you ever do texturing, I recommend Substance Painter. I used to texture my stuff in Blender itself but Substance has really changed my workflow.
    Also, do you know any tutorials for adding custom heads to followers? I really want to do it but every time I use exported Racemenu heads I have some sort of issue with crashing.
    1. Enroys
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      Honestly, I just followed Youtube Tutorials like this one .
      I've had issues with crashing too, usually it's a result of incorrect texture paths. Specifically the facetints.
      I make my Male characters in ECE tho.