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Half Elf Scoundrel

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  1. phatbassanchor
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    Great half elf! I'm finding many polingc presets that I really like! I've become a huge fan rather quickly! I'm loving your Farah Ibn Shaihalud preset!!! I found her while looking for a male Redguard. I loved Farah so much that I had to play her immediately! So, Oz Zahkrii Lovaas (Sword Song) became Vassa Tuz Lovaas (blade song) and we went happily off to play. <3

    Yet, the character of Oz Zahkrii Lovaas (Sword Song) is already written. I would still love to play him as a male Redguard. I had never played a Redguard before and now I find I really enjoy them! I could even feature him with your Farah follower!
    I found one exceptional Redguard preset on the entirety of Nexus. It was in fact, the only Redguard male on Nexus! It just so happened to be exceptionally well done too. It was one you included in an awesome set of presets, Faces of Dragon Fodder. I'd peg him as a perfect mage or diplomat, not a swashbuckling sword singer. I get tons of compliments on Vassa, using your Farah preset and I always give you the credit. Is there any chance we might see a swashbuckling Redguard male sword singer type preset at some point in the future? Something bold, kind of like a Redguard version of your Nord Ragnar perhaps? Someone truly worthy of Farah's, Jonna's, Zaria's, Rayya's and Saadia's affections? We would love to see that
    Thanks for listening and for all the awesome mods
    1. polingc
      • supporter
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      Sorry for the late reply back. I saw your comment when you first posted it but life's been busy and I don't have much time for gaming (let alone modding Skyrim).

      Thanks for all the positive comments and you've got my attention for a male Redguard. I'm thinking something like a Sinbad pirate type of character. I've got some other things I'm trying to finish up first and then I'll get to work on it. You'll see uploads to the image share space when I'm getting close to done.
  2. gurleygirl
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    Great looking character.
    He definitely looks the role of half elf scoundrel.
    Nicely done.