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Lydia Replacer - WIP

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  1. gurleygirl
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    I like her:
    1. Freckles - check
    2. Nice face paint - check
    3. Dark hair with lovely blue eyes - check
    4. Nicely realistic, looks like Bijin lips - check
    5. Immersive steel armor and great-sword - check

    Nicely done!!
    1. polingc
      • supporter
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      Thanks gurley!
      1) We're both suckers for freckles
      2) Oops. That's supposed to be facial scars. I touched it up in the other image set.
      3) I'm likely going to change the eyes to green/hazel to better match vanilla Lydia's eye color. We'll see after I've had a gander at what's available.
      4) Looks like Bijin lips because I'm using Bijin skin texture :-p
      5) Yes, I love the armor sets. It's the Girl's Heavy Armor mod and Amidian Book of Silence for the textures.