A last version of Majestic Mountains

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Although I've already told that I have to quit modding I won't deprive you this version.
This will change anything regarding mountains.
They will look more natural, detailed (yes it will smash any 8k textures with less vram usage) and believable than ever.


  1. blo0d1k
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    They look just awesome! Thx a lot man for this update. can't wait for you to release it =) and in general, thanks for all that you did here for us. Good luck in your life!
  2. JDAnchor
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    I'm sorry to see you go! :(
  3. gordon21121964
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    Only mountains I have ever needed , thanks for these and all your modding work , shame you will quit, but there is that real life thing we need to do , well done mate
  4. gurleygirl
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    • 10,191 posts
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    Wonderful!! Can't wait.
    I have been using your current version for a long time. It's the most realistic mountains I have found. Beautifully done.
  5. ArtaiosGreybark
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    Looks awesome! Looking forward to it :)
    1. T4gtr34um3r
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      I'm able to add a makro texture to the mountains which gives an incredible natural look while I can increase the tiling factor.
      This leads to much more detail in closeups.