Breezehome - Part 8

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It's  animated,  so be patient  to  read all the frames.
For Script to translate, see the first comment below. 
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  1. Alerios
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    "Hello again Idiot" Ahah I always think it's an insult even if it's her name
  2. Niborino9409
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    Lydia says "Stop your whinging"
    1. Reimar67
      • premium
      • 9,262 posts
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      Just another word for complaining.
    2. Niborino9409
      • supporter
      • 5,906 posts
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      Ah, awesome. Thought it was a misspelling of whining. Didn't cross my mind to google it hehe
    3. Adipsycho
      • supporter
      • 2,796 posts
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      Whinge or whinging pretty much the same as Whining or whine... another of my fav words would be Mivering which means to bug someone (cause a nuisance)
  3. gurleygirl
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    • 9,678 posts
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    Yea, Idiot is definitely a whiny bitch. hahaa
  4. Reimar67
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    085 - Breezehome - Part 8
    Script for Translation...
    Image = Breezehome - Part 8
    Title = In the hunt for paid work, they start with Farenger…
    Farenger = Hello again Idiot. I hear you have been called by the Greybeards. You must be proud?
    Idiot Elf = To be honest the “Weird Beards” will have to wait for me. I need cash to buy a house and I hear you need help.
    Subtitle = It's animated, so be patient to read on
    Farenger = As it happens, I have some Frost Salts that need delivering to Arcadia's Cauldron. Arcadia will surely compensate you for them. I’d go myself, but such a menial task is below me.
    Idiot Elf = Whereas it is fine and dandy to lumber the “Thane of Whiterun” with it?
    Farenger = It’s no skin off my nose if you don’t want to do it. You asked me for work, remember.
    Title = 10 minutes later…
    Idiot Elf = Maybe we could get sponsored for climbing up and down those steps to Dragonsreach. That could earn us some coin.
    Lydia = Stop your whinging. It’s easier coming down anyway.
    Idiot Elf = If Arcadia is a herbalist, we could sell our potions and ingredients to her.
    Lydia = There’s hardly any weight in those. I’d be more eager to rid myself of these pots and pans you seem to have collected.
    Subtitle = Next Week… Chewing flowers.