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NITHI Dawnguard

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This is just one example of my most favourite NPC in this mod, Fura Bloodmouth.

It's basically a successor of BB's Dawnguard - Some characters get little changes, some get some big changes.

Putting the NPC's side by side for comparison, the difference is pretty huge, and its a testament to how much my work has changed in a little over 6 months (BB's Dawnguard was released in August 2022)

I can't put a time frame on the release but it's coming up as soon as possible, basically. You can follow my schedule over on patreon (no donation needed for that, go to "see all posts" then click on more tags and find "release schedule")


  1. AnaxAndron
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    It's amazing how much your artistry has grown over the course of these npc replacers.
  2. TrophyTwink
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    Yours and Lilson's NPC overhauls are the most amazing I've ever seen omg. All the characters are so unique, it's truly what I pictured skyrim to look like in a remaster/2023 lol. I can't wait for y'all to finish your projects! (no rush, quality like this takes time of course)

    such a great job
    1. nightmarezone
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      • 1,026 kudos
      Thank you!

      I love Lilson's NPCs. The recent Whiterun mem one has some really good npcs - Mikael and Jon battleborn, Nazeem in particular are like incredible, I'm in love, they look so great
  3. DarkSpiral
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    I really love the NITHI series!
  4. GhoulKiddo
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