Skyrim Special Edition
Balgruuf - Resplendent Royals WIP

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Still undecided on his hair, though I'm leaning toward keeping his original braided coif using the improved mesh from Vanilla Hair Remake. Might use the big mane style on another NPC just because I really do like it, but Jarl Ballin' is pretty iconic so I don't want to stray too far from his OG look.

Also, finally settled on a name for the mod thanks to Zireael. =P


  1. Zireael1251
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    Haha, great! And yes, Vanilla Hair Remake looks really good to me too.
  2. sleeperCale
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    He looks amazing!
  3. Mur4s4me
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    The name of the mod sounds so good! Thanks Zireael for the suggestion haha.
    I too would vote for the braided coif from Vanilla Hair Remake. It just fits him perfectly.