Skyrim Special Edition
Hero of the Elder Scrolls Story

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So if you have no idea on what this pic is and you like reading backgrounds and stories... read this one
In my game, my main character isnt the Dragonborn. That girl in the Image is, but the dragons havn't appeared yet, so she is just some young traveler, Soon to be the hero of the world.

So the end of her last story she is adventuring around skyrim and i was really hoping, while i was on my main guy id walk past her on the roads. Like their fates are sealed together. One moment its they are just people walking past each other, then they are a team destined to save the world from dragons.

My guy was in a big civil war battle to capture For Dunsted. We won and the bodies to the left are my followers that fell. I'll go and bury them. One of them has a wife that also severs in my Branch of the Legion. She saw it was safe to enter while the Imperial flags where up and just walked through.